The red tape is mind-boggling

El Capitan is in the process of buying a house.  He lists all the forms he has to complete and return as part of the process.  Go read them for yourself, and marvel at the bureaucratic mindset that requires all of these to buy a house.  Just think . . . our forefathers managed to build, buy or exchange houses without any of them!  How inefficient!



  1. My great grandfather and a guy he knew
    lived on opposite sides of town from
    where they worked. So, they just
    switched houses
    My guess is it would be a lot more
    trouble to do that today.

  2. Don't forget to lIE on the HUD form. In the block for "race" mark "Black" no matter what race you are. This form will form the feeder for the HUDs program to redistribute section 8 housing into neighborhoods that don't have enough black people in them. (their fair share). if everyoine marks, "black", HUD will think you are already doing your part for diversity and leave you alone.

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