The stupidity . . . it burns . . .

Courtesy of fellow blogger pdb, who fisks this video in his own inimitable fashion, we learn of an instructor who’s teaching his students the stupidest, most ridiculous tactic I’ve ever had the misfortune to see in a defensive class.  Take a look for yourself.

You can read pdb’s take on this nonsense here.  I endorse everything he says, and add:  Why the hell would you turn your back on multiple opponents at halitosis range, to first stab one, then shoot the other, and do so repeatedly in a sort of back-and-forth bob-and-weave motion?  All you’re doing is making yourself a helpless target for each of them in turn.  Why not get the hell out of range of them, and only then worry about what comes next?

Sheesh . . .



  1. I'm surprised that none of those wanna-be mall ninjas lost focus and put a round onto a classmate during that divided-attention mess that also had multiple unsupervised students handing guns in close proximity to one another. I'd have been out of that class and clamoring for a full refund the moment that the "instructor" first demonstrated that fail cluster.

  2. I'm betting that, if done in real life, the first mag change is where it all falls apart, if you even survive to get there. You are pretty much guaranteed to slice and dice yourself with a real blade while accessing and swapping that mag.

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