The terror “watch list” and civil rights

Tom Jackson lays it on the line about proposals to bar those on a terrorism ‘watch list’ from legally obtaining firearms.

Believe this: Once gun-control enthusiasts are able to deny otherwise legal firearms purchases to “suspects” of “terror” whose names are on a deeply secret list with little recourse for removal, mischief is sure to follow. Definitions of terroristic activity will expand, followed closely by the number of names among the suspicious.

Is it beyond imagining that those guilty of nothing more than improper outspoken thoughts will land on the no-guns-for-you list? Of course it isn’t. As the record on this regarding almost anyone affiliated with the tea party makes clear, you can count on it.

There’s more at the link.  Very worthwhile reading.

Proposals to strip those merely under suspicion (but not convicted of any crime) of their Second Amendment rights are analogous to protesters demanding that those with whose views they disagree should be deprived of their First Amendment free speech rights.  It’s a classic extremist tactic (on both the left and right wings of politics).  Freedom for me, but not for thee!

Our Constitution is very clear that the Bill of Rights applies to everyone, everywhere.  Heaven help us if we allow totalitarians, statists and extremists to ignore or strip away those provisions . . . because sure as eggs, we’ll end up being targeted by them once we no longer have such protection.



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