This one’s for shooting enthusiasts

Those of us who’ve used firearms as day-to-day ‘tools of the trade’ (for various values of ‘trade’), and who’ve had many years’ experience with and exposure to them, all have horror stories of firearms owners and users who make us cringe.  Some are just plain ignorant.  Some are full of movie lore about guns that has little or no foundation in fact – but they won’t be corrected.  “If Clint / Sylvester / Arnold did it, it must be right!”  Others have picked up just enough real knowledge to be dangerous.

In the past week, thanks to e-mail correspondents, I’ve come across two amusing looks at the wrong kind of firearms owners.  First, Chris Knox answers the question ‘What are the basic types of gun owner?‘  Here’s an example.

The Tacticool (ooda orbus fictus)
Recognizable by his 5.11 tactical pants and shirt, and his IDPA “shoot me first” vest. Peppers his vocabulary with terms from Tacti-tard Trainer Buzzword Bingo.  His warrior mindset is completely wrapped up in his OODA loop. From his Oakley shades to his desert boots, this sheepdog is a genuine tier-one operator. A cynic might wonder if he might not move faster if he were to shed about fifty pounds.  See also Mall Ninja.

Statistics (Approximate)
Murders committed: 0
Robberies committed: 0
Assaults committed: 0

There’s more at the link.

Next, a Slovenian YouTube channel named Polenar Tactical brings us this over-the-top video of types of shooters you see at the range.

I wish the video were all a joke.  Sadly, it’s not.  I’ve run into most of those characters at the range from time to time . . .



  1. I'm the Libertarian/Video Gamer Gun Owner. I got interested as an intellectual exercise, but Fallout 3 guided my choice of weapons.

  2. And that's why I love my home state. Vast expanses of desert. The only range wackos are the ones you invite along.

  3. I need the scarf to be complete range fodder.

    OK, I also need a bolt for my Winchester model 75. I have one in excellent USMILSPEC you know, other than totally missing the bolt. Anybody know a good source?

  4. ROTFL. I think I qualify as a pater pistolus, except I keep my mouth shut. And I want to mutate into an accumulus fucilis but I lack the funds… Great laugh to start the morning. The coffee laden gigglesnort really wakes you up.

  5. I had all poser tendencies ironed out of me at Swartberg range… there you did it one way and only one way or else it was "Sien jy daardie boom!"

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