We have a winner – and what a prize!

I’m finding it hard to stop laughing at this report.

A schoolboy in Russia has won a month living with a porn star as a prize in an online competition.

Ruslan Schedrin, 16, was told he qualifies to spend a month in a Moscow hotel with the voluptuous Ekaterina Makarova.

He appears delighted about the prize, saying the X-rated actress has ‘good sizes’ and he is ‘boiling inside’ – but his mother and sister have reacted furiously.

. . .

‘I have told my mother and she has taken it badly, but I think we’ll sort it out. When I meet the girl, I’ll say: “Hi, I am that very boy, I’ve won you.”‘

There’s more at the link.  Here’s what the winner and his prize look like:

I should think that every sixteen-year-old boy in Russia has a raging case of envy right now.  However, the best part (to my mind) was this footnote:

Under the rules of the competition, he can pass on the prize to his ‘official representative’, for example, his father. But the mother is against this too.

‘No, absolutely not,’ she said.

I wonder if her Russian really translated as ‘No, absolutely not’, or as something a little more emphatic?  And I can’t help but wonder if his father shares his mother’s reaction . . .



  1. As it should turn out, the child has a considerable number of acting credits under his belt. Perhaps not the best choice of words.

  2. A whole month? If she's a whiny bitch he'll depart before a week is out, or more likely, the hotel will kick them both out for drunken quarreling.

  3. I thought it funny that he's said to be 16 (according to the article and his mother) but the official database says he's only 14 (he looks fourteen, too). Age of consent is 16. If Mama really wants to stop him, all she's got to do is say that he's only fourteen…

  4. "I should think that every sixteen-year-old boy in Russia has a raging case of envy right now."

    Raging envy is not limited to sixteen-year-old boys in Russia…

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