This ought to give you a very, VERY merry Christmas!

Courtesy of a link at Joel’s place, we learn George Washington’s recipe for eggnog.

One quart cream, one quart milk, one dozen tablespoons sugar, one pint brandy, 1/2 pint rye whiskey, 1/2 pint Jamaica rum, 1/4 pint sherry—mix liquor first, then separate [a dozen] yolks and whites of eggs, add sugar to beaten yolks, mix well. Add milk and cream, slowly beating. Beat whites of eggs until stiff and fold slowly into mixture. Let set in cool place for several days. Taste frequently.

I think I should make that this Christmas.  I daresay Lawdog, PhlegmmyOld NFO, Miss D., aepilot_jim and others will help me drink it.  Of course, after imbibing it, we may not remember very much about Christmas 2016 . . . but by George (literally!), it should be worth it!

Does that explain his rosy cheeks, perhaps?



  1. If you really do try it, please let us know if it was actually…good? I'm particularly intrigued by the idea of letting it ages for a few days. Nothing biological will happen, given the amount of alcohol, but I'll bet interesting things happen to the eggs.

  2. Brad:

    it sounds a bit like an alcoholic new york style liquid cheesecake. Properly made, a NY style cheesecake requires aging after it's baked, to attain it's best taste. Several days to a week. Rather bland right after cooking and cooling.

  3. I suggest you imbibe no later than the 20th so you will enjoy Christmas Day. And no smoking allowed in the vicinity of the stuff.

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