Time for a change!

I’ve had my old blog template for more than five years, and I reckoned it was time for a change – variety being the spice of life, and all that sort of thing.

Let me know what you think of this template.  I quite like it, but others may differ.  If most of you hate it, I’ll change it to something better – but please be specific in your comments as to what you don’t like, so that I know what to fix!


EDITED TO ADD:  At the request of some commenters, both below and via e-mail, I’ve increased the font size slightly.  I hope that makes the new template easier to read. Let me know.

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD:  All right, too many people complained about white text on a red background.  How’s this?  Better?  Let me know.

EDITED FOR A THIRD TIME TO ADD:  OK, I’ve changed the highlight color for links from blue to brown.  I hope that reads more easily for people who found blue-on-white hard to distinguish.  Again, please let me know in Comments or via e-mail.


  1. I don't really care for the new design. I prefer dark letters on light background…little easier on the eyes, but its not that big of a deal

  2. I find the white on red difficult to read. Black print on light background is easier. If you decide to keep the white on red…maybe make the font larger.

    Then again, maybe it is just me.

  3. I love it but I have sympathy for readers whose eyes have trouble with whit-on-red. I know that if the background were blue or green I'd have have a hard time with it.

  4. First reaction: yow! That's red!

    Second reaction: not bad, much less distracting than most, like the textures, thank G-d it's not white-on-black.


  5. Please forgive me if I seem too blunt, but I believe honesty is valuable (while trying to remain aware that the web makes it too easy to slam people and ideas).

    In any case, I don't care for it.

    It's an uncomfortable, aggressive, theme. I personally prefer subtler colors.

    Additionally, it looks like something picked from a default menu. You use this blog as a sales tool for your books. I think it needs to be more professional-looking. It should look like something uniquely yours – something custom-made.

    Frankly, given your level of talent and attention to detail, you can do better.

  6. Bigger font does help, but when you do quotes, the font drops back down. Still a touch painful on the quoted text…

  7. Thumbs up for a fresh new look! However… White on dark background is harsh on the eyes, so thumbs down for that, sorry.

    As to font size, it's simple enough to change from the reader's end: hold the Ctrl key and press + to increase or – to decrease the font (on Macs, hold Command and press + or -).

    Purple Magpie

  8. I find "White on Red" is painful to read. If you want some of the scarlet, keep the sidebars red and tone down the center. Thanks.

  9. Dark lettering, light background — great. Baby blue theme and link colors — a bit too saturated, and too light for readability.

  10. I've come in after the changes, so I'm now looking at the new look with standard black font on white background, which is good – clear and easier to read. I like the narrower style as well – the eyes don't have to travel around the page as much.

  11. I like the current version with the black on white, with blue borders. The calming blue is a nice touch, considering how often your posts leave me righteously indignant.

  12. Light blue is one of the hardest colors to read against a white background – next to yellow, I would say it is the hardest to read. Please alter your colors. Thanks.

  13. The black on white with brown links and titles is very good for my eyes, I have a hard time reading some of the more creatively colored sites out there.

    JD(not the one with the picture)

  14. I only read the RSS feed most of the time anyway, and none of this matters there. But I agree with Rich that it's very default-looking, though that's never harmed you before 😛

  15. @Rich: Yes, I can do better, and probably will – but only when I've got this seven-month publishing marathon off my back! I'm going to enlist the services of an Internet programmer/designer to help me develop a more unique look. We'll see how that goes, next year.

  16. Don't forget those of us who have some version of color-blindness. Reds and greens are terrible for me to differentiate.

  17. Reading on a Nook, which is missing keys for Control, +, and -. These 74 year old eyes would like a larger, bolder font. I can adjust size, but it also expands horizontally, so often it becomes necessary to scroll the screen from side to side to read one line. I am VERY gradually getting used to doing this, so can get by.
    Otherwise, OUTSTANDING work and writing. Thanks!!

  18. Now you look just like everyone else. It looks more like a news site than a commentary, which I always considered you. Before , it was loose and comfortable, now it looks tight and I find myself rushing through because of some urgency. I know I'm in the minority, but what's knew about that?

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