Tired puppy

It was a very productive day . . . but very tiring.  I went through my closet and threw out about half of the clothes it contained, most going to Goodwill and a few to the rag bin.  I then tackled the hall closet, which is meant to contain coats and outdoor gear but had morphed over the past few years into a ‘catchall’ container for anything and everything that hadn’t found a home somewhere else.  Two hours later, Goodwill was in for a couple more very big bags of clothing and stuff, and the closet was miraculously clean and organized.  Meanwhile other members of the household were sorting through their own spaces, cleaning and tidying things.

We ended up taking a pickup-load of goods to storage in preparation for our move later this year, and another pickup-load of stuff to Goodwill.  The passage is surprisingly clear and easy to navigate now that several boxes and other bits of clutter have been tidied up, and several closets are similarly pristine after years of over-stuffed neglect.  My back is killing me, but it was worth it!

I’ve no energy left for an ‘Around The Blogs’ segment tonight.  If I get up early in the morning I might put it up then, or I might leave it until next weekend.  At any rate, there’ll be more posts in the morning.

Sleep well, y’all.



  1. May I suggest that you reconsider donations to Goodwill, and instead bless the Slavation Army or St Vincent de Paul with donations? The Goodwill is not actually a charity, they are a for-profit hiding under the non-profit rug. After I took at look at where the monies go for various thrift shops, it was clear that the ones in the business of actually helping people were not Goodwill.

  2. Worthy work indeed. Will you be relocating locally or not? I'm in a transitional stage of prepping my smallish "hobby farm" & house for sale myself. Downsizing and regrouping.

  3. Probably local in the short term. Longer term depends on Miss D.'s work – she may be promoted to a different area in due course. That's out of our hands.

  4. I have two closets that could use a "little" help. Oh, and a garage. Nothing much, just 35 years of . . . Hey! Come back! Where'd everybody go?


  5. Cedar is correct. Please don't give your donations to "Goodwill". They profit from such donations while paying a pittance to their workers, (and many of their workers are doing community service, so they work for free) while profiting from the sales of your donated goods.

    Salvation army, or a church run thrift store are much better choices for your donation.

    Goodwill spent $53 MILLION for executive compensation. They pay their average worker $5.78 per hour.

    Your heart is in the right place, but you have been fooled (as many of us were).

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