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Not much blog fodder tonight. I’ve been working very hard on the new book, and it’s flowing well – much better than my earlier attempts, when I felt like I’d hit a creative brick wall.  I’m approaching 40,000 words, with between 40,000 and 60,000 still to write.  So far, so good . . .

The creative process is interesting on this one.  It’ll involve a great deal of combat action, much more so than any of the Maxwell books so far.  I’m drawing on my experiences and memories from South Africa for much of it, and those of other veterans for other bits.  It’s difficult to adapt some of the scenarios I remember to a futuristic combat environment, but it’s by no means impossible, and I think it adds a touch of realism and authenticity that’s often missing from military SF.  I hope you’ll enjoy it when it comes out, particularly the veterans among my readers.

In closing, courtesy of Engrish.com, here’s a classic example of ‘more bang for your buck‘.

There are lots more examples of mangled English at Engrish.com. Fun reading.



  1. Seriously, how many people put theirLi-ion batteries in a rice cooker to recharge them?

    That is what that pot-like pictograph is, isn't it?

    stay safe.

  2. Those always make me wonder about the tattoos that some people get. You know the ones I'm talking about. It's a Japanese or Chinese character and it's supposed to mean "x", except it might not. I'd hate to have a tattoo on my arm that is supposed to be "Wisdom" when it really says, "Stupid Gaijin doesn't know Japanese" or "Hot and sour soup, today only."

  3. Shrimp, that's why one of my brothers friends, who knows Chinese and some Japanese, is very popular with the guys wanting tattoos. For $5 he'll give you the meaning of what the tattoo place claims means "mighty warrior" or "wisdom."


  4. Living in Hong Kong in the mid 80's, I came across these little gems.
    Sik Sik Art co.

    Gracious Beauty Bridal Salon.

    Coffee and Snacky house.

    ABBA Comercial bldg.

    Farton Trading co.

    Pak Fuk st, (nicknamed Gangbang st).
    The best for last.
    Read it backwards.

    Legend has it that the street signs were made by prison inmates, and some wag within the walls had a bit of fun/revenge (?)directed at the English authorities at the time.

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