Trigger alert – literally!

Here’s a security video of a robbery at a Brazilian pizza takeout shop.  It gets very bloody when police arrive on the scene.  WARNING:  When I say ‘very bloody’ I mean it!  You’re going to see people die.  Not for the squeamish!

(I wish the person who put this on YouTube had left out the daft music soundtrack. The video would have been far more effective in silence, IMHO.  I recommend you mute your speakers.)

I guess the moral of the story is, don’t mess with Brazilian cops.  They mean business, and they don’t seem to bother with warnings.



  1. Well.

    They saved the cost of a trial, the lawyers and the cost of imprisonment.

    Their friends will not long mourn their passing.

  2. The families of the two dead arsewhipes should be billed for the Police bullets used, the damage to the premises and the clean up.
    If they want sympathy, they can find all they want, it's in the dictionary, between shit and syphilis.

  3. Looks like they want to use a Weaver, but their body armor is restricting their ability to blade, or cross torso with their upper arms. Sort of a modified Weaver/Isosceles blend.

    That heavy body armor, and multiple officers, indicates that it was a stakeout, or LAPD SIS type hunting group. I'm surprised they were using handguns, although that armor and covering may not be compatible with typical long guns.

    Proper form: shoot until the threat ends. Although in their case, I suspect they equate "ends" with "expires". Possibly lost in translation? (snort!)

  4. I have no doubt there are plenty of departments and officers here in the US who would do the exact same thing.

  5. That video would have resulted, possibly, in murder charges in the US.

    It's quite clear towards the end that they're still shooting the guy on the right after he's down and not moving. You can see exit wounds and blood spatter several seconds after his last movement. I'm not suggesting any sympathy for him, I'm just pointing out that different cultures have different rules, & I suspect what happened here would have had a negative outcome in the US for the officers involved.


  6. Well, it's Brazil, so it's 50/50 those were off duty cops supplementing their income. The line between cop and criminal is pretty thin there… and getting arrested in Rio or Sao Paolo comes with a 20% probability of being killed by the arresting officer. Which is good for these cases, not so good for, say, an 11-year old swiping candy.

    I've said it before, that nowhere in the modern world is the veneer of civilization thinner than in Brazil. By all appearances it's a civilized place, but not even remotely in reality is it safe.

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