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A few days ago, Murtaza Hussain of the Intercept tweeted:

He’s absolutely right, of course.  We saw in World War II how some of the most “civilized” nations on earth degenerated into murderous slaughter machines, killing millions on the grounds that they were “subhuman” or “degenerate”.  Those states’ “civilization” was no more than skin deep.  We’ve seen the same from US servicemen in Vietnam and elsewhere.  When enough pressure was applied, they forgot their upbringing and their oaths, and behaved like rabid hyenas.  Fortunately, there weren’t that many of them, but that’s cold comfort to those who became their victims.

We’re seeing the same thing in our inner cities right now.  We’ve discussed it in these pages several times.

The amoral violence and blind outrage is mind-boggling

“Be prepared to kill a child”

Just in case you weren’t listening earlier…

Apropos of all the crime…

Self-defense warning: the “knockout game”, a.k.a. “polar bear hunting”, is back

Ask Philadelphia grave-diggers about crime figures…

Every one of those headlines is another indicator that our civilization – in inner-city America, at least – is slowly but surely coming apart at the seams.  No civilized society would permit or tolerate such crimes, but here the authorities merely bleat about social justice and equity and reparations, and refuse to do anything meaningful to stop them.  The result is that our cities’ society is becoming less and less civilized.  “Defund the police” might as well be renamed “Destroy the foundations of our society”.

The inevitable consequence is that the threat of vigilantism is becoming more and more real.  People won’t go on allowing others to victimize them.  Sooner or later, they’ll take matters into their own hands.  I think that’s a terrible idea, but then, allowing the criminals to continue to get away with their crimes scot-free is an even more terrible one.  Certainly, if it comes to ensuring my safety and that of my wife in a high-crime environment, I already know my answer to that conundrum.

If you add to all those stresses unaffordable fuel/energy, limitations on food availability, and a general breakdown of the economy – all of which are looming threats right now – then I think you can imagine how things will go.

The veneer of civilization is very, very thin right now, particularly after all the stresses and strains of the past few years.  If this goes on, it’ll develop tears, gaps and holes so large that in large parts of our country, it’ll effectively cease to exist.  In parts of Europe like the worst of the banlieues of France, and in a number of large American inner-city ghettoes, that’s already happened.

Get out of “hive” cities.  Join smaller communities that will band together to keep out the rats and the cockroaches, and maintain civilized standards.  Prepare.  The hour grows very late, and time has almost run out.



  1. In the old testament, if someone killed your family member, you would hire an avenger to kill him. The killer had the chance to run to one of six cities for refuge. If he stayed inside the city walls he was safe. It gave them time to investigate. If he was guilty of murder they executed him. If it was accidental, he got to stay in the city of refuge until the high priest died. If he was caught outside and was killed, no harm no foul. We would call the avenger a vigilante now.

    The historical context of a lawless band of hard hearted rich vigilantes seems to be an insurmountable thought. I wonder if the common citizen, faced with the destruction of what he sees as worthy of protection, isn't capable of ending the threat without going kill crazy. Those good guys with guns stop the slaughter, and I don't remember one flipping out and going kill crazy after. Is it possible for someone to defend what's right without becoming a monster?

    Maybe it's time to quit building straw men to fight and start looking at how we can reasonably protect what is valuable to us. How far will we have to run in order to be safe? How long will we be pursued until we stand and resist? Why should we cede ground to the unlawful? I have struggled with this for years now. It's nigh time to quit limiting our options prematurely. I have had to ask myself some hard questions, and I am mentally preparing for what I see coming.

    We have a historical precedent in the citizen militia. The Cajun Navy, donations for disaster relief, searching for the missing, neighborhood watch are all in the same vein. This nation was built on working together for the common good. It's a good time to sell your cloak and buy a sword. There are worse things than dying.

  2. Vigilantism has already started – the government and media are so scared of it that they hide any mention of it.
    I've read about a couple incidents but I'm sure there have been more.

  3. The Muslim menace is PRIMARILY a factor in the larger Democratic cities. There are a few enclaves – one in York County, SC, near where I used to live. They were of neglible danger only to anyone stupid enough to cross the neighborhood they lived in. They had posted signs and armed guards, so I figure anyone dumb enough to bother them, not only deserved what they got, but if killed, would improve the non-Muslim gene pool.

    I'm in a smaller city, about 1/2 hour east of Cleveland (itself a 2nd tier city). The Islamic population is virtually nil; what Mideast people are here are culturally Western, and often Christian. Not a threat; I'm less than 1/2 hour from farmland, and, although it's a cliche about rural people, yes, they ARE armed. And tough.

    I would expect the smaller cities to hold up just fine.

    So, we lose the major cities – NYC, Seattle, a few WI cities.

    Eh. They're shitholes, mostly. Not worth bothering about. There is a hell of a lot of people living outside of those cities, and they OWN stuff that they WILL defend. Cut off the power and water, and watch them collapse.

    Not that the Left will let that happen, should they survive the midterms/2024.

    But, what I'm saying is: most of the country can easily live without the cities. The cities cannon live without us.

    1. LA, Chicago, much of Philly, any city in NJ, Baltimore, Detroit are all pretty much lost as well with out a major house cleaning

  4. My wife and I have done what we can to prepare. We sold our big, expensive home and moved into something compact and manageable. Because of home prices, we were able to offload our white elephant at a premium, paying cash for our new home. We have good, friendly rednecks for neighbors and a fireplace that can heat the place in a pinch. We have lots of shelf-stable food, some gold and silver, and plenty of ammunition. We are uncomfortably close to a mid-size city, but family obligations made that necessary. All that said, I am very uncomfortable about where our world is headed.

  5. Just over 6 years ago my partner and I sold our shares in our company to the junior management group and we retired. My wife and I had been looking for 9 months for a mountain homestead here in NC. We found our almost perfect homestead at the end of a mountain gravel road and have been working on becoming more self sufficient ever since. Our nearest neighbor is over a mile away but each neighbor keeps an eye on who comes and goes on the gravel road and strangers are easily recognized. It is well passed time to get out of any urban area.

    Our most recent investment was in a pair of Rad Runner 2 E-bikes which I just finished assembling. With a top speed of 20 miles per hour and a range of up to 45 miles as well as the ability to carry cargo they will be a welcome and fun addition to the homestead. We plan on purchasing a portable solar generator that will enable us to charge them off grid.

    Virtually all urban areas are to become war zones as many major blue cities have already fallen. I've said it before. John Prine had some good advice.

    "Blow up your TV
    Throw away your paper
    Go to the country
    Build you a home
    Plant a little garden
    Eat a lot of peaches
    Try an' find Jesus on your own"

  6. David Kopel researched and wrote about the Vigilance movement.

    The idea that it was just another form of gang violence – as often criminal as those it purported to counter – is almost entirely Hollywood myth.
    The term dates back to the Roman Empire, in which the “vigiles” were self-organised groups of citizen-firefighters who responded to fires in urban areas that would otherwise spread. In the American frontier context, it was best described as the Militia applying itself to enforcement of the law, rather than military defence.

    The vigilance movement was typically the gathering of the majority of males in the community, to deal with lawbreakers, when there was no formal government law-enforcement or judiciary…. often because the community was too small or too poor to pay professionals to carry out that function. It was common for them to form courts, appointing judges, juries, prosecutors and defenders. The accused might be acquitted, and if found guilty, the punishments were more likely to take the form of whippings or banishment. (They had no jails, so imprisonment wasn’t an option) and hangings were relatively rare.

    To repeat, the Vigilance movement was the community enforcing its laws in the absence of higher authority. NOT the absence of law.

    Oh….. and Colonel Lynch did not hang anyone that we know of.

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