Typical blithering idiot liberal response

It seems London is experiencing a wave of random acid attacks by ‘youths’ (further identification is unspecified).  So, what’s the instinctive, automatic, knee-jerk response?

Ministers are coming under pressure to tighten the laws on the sale and possession of acid and other corrosive substances amid growing fears they have become the “weapon of choice” of teenagers.

Calls for changes to the law followed a spate of five acid attacks in the space of a little over an hour that left one victim with “life-changing” injuries.

. . .

Scotland Yard figures show the number of attacks using corrosive substances rose to 458, more than double the figure in 2014.

The Home Office said on Friday evening it was urgently working on an action plan to curb the use of acid, including restricting its sale to under-18s.

Campaigners told The Telegraph that crime gangs were switching to acid and ammonia because laws had been tightened on possession of knives.

Sulphuric acid at 91 per cent strength can be bought cheaply over the counter in shops and DIY stores as a drain unblocker. There is no age restriction for those buying it. Ammonia is similarly available.

. . .

Stephen Timms, a former Labour minister, called for tougher sentences, a new offence of carrying concentrated acid to be introduced and the licensing of its purchase.

Mr Timms, who will lead a debate in the Commons on Monday on the issue, said: “Carrying acid should in itself be an offence. Carrying a knife wouldn’t have been an offence some years ago. I think there’s been a pretty effective change – the same change should be made for acid.”

Mr Timms said that the law could be changed so as not to punish those buying the substances for legitimate use, such as drain cleaner, in the same way that people are not automatically criminalised for buying kitchen knives.

There’s more at the link.

Of all the dumbass, stupid, unworkable responses, I suspect changing the law is close to the top!  The attackers are already breaking the law.  What makes anyone think that another law, or two, or three, or even a few dozen, will make them stop?

The stupidity on display is mind-boggling.

  • Restrict the sale of acid to under-18’s?  Suuuuure . . . but when it’s freely available at home (drain-cleaner), from professional plumbers and other businesses, and so on, that’s not likely to pose much of an obstacle at all.  Besides, all they have to do is have one older person buy a few pints (or gallons!) for the rest of the gang.  For a bottle of booze, a hobo will likely oblige.
  • “The law could be changed so as not to punish those buying the substances for legitimate use”?  And just how can you prove their intentions are legitimate?  A mind-reading machine, perhaps?
  • Britain criminalized the carrying of knives some time ago – and inconvenienced everyone who used to carry a pocket-knife for perfectly legitimate purposes.  As for not “automatically criminalizing those who buy kitchen knives” . . . let me assure you, given a typical 6″ to 8″ low-cost chef’s knife, any moderately competent knife fighter can carve up something (or someone) almost faster than it takes to say it!  Besides, what, precisely, will you do to stop people carrying acid?  Stop everyone carrying a water bottle, and insist on checking its contents?  Good luck with that!

I know a very good deterrent to such attacks.  If convicted, those responsible should be sentenced to being doused with acid from head to toe, in public, and left to scream in agony for about five minutes before they’re hosed down or receive medical treatment.  I reckon that would stop this nonsense in no time at all – but they won’t do that, because it’ll be regarded as “inhumane”.  Really?  Oh, well, then . . . if Britain won’t take effective action, and impose effective punishments, it’s going to go on enjoying these attacks.  It’s a simple enough equation – one the criminals understand very well.



  1. The black market will provide: get yourself a gun, and shoot anyone who throws acid – and anyone who tries to disarm you. Expecting government to fix this problem, when they caused the problem in the first place (immigration), is silly. Governments will never pour acid on offenders, nor will they deter the perps in any other way. The prospective victims have to do the job. Get off your knees, folks.

  2. Here's hoping for a rise in the use of a stout Blackthorn stick by those in Britain who feel a need for a bit of support. But I expect they'll be banning them too any day now.
    As for the acid throwers, I have to wonder at how such as those will be treated by gen pop in UK prisons. A small notch above pedophiles I suspect.

  3. "Doused with acid"? This is one notch short of suicide bombing. I think suffering in the name of Allah would be welcomed, not a deterrent. If the UK jail population is like America's, the perpetrators will probably be welcomed as heroes.

    As in most self defense situations, the perp has the initiative and gets to decide when the balloon goes up; who gets attacked first and when they get it. If an alert, armed person (almost an oxymoron in the UK) can see it developing, there's a slight chance of preventing it. Otherwise, the first attack is basically for free. If they can be killed or disabled before they do more, that's probably as good as it can get.

    The UK has essentially outlawed self-defense. Either die bathed in acid, or run over by a car, or die in prison. Your choice.

  4. They won't make any headway on the problem until they admit the "youths" are hell-bound muslims needing driven from the country.

  5. The only solution is to close the borders and deport the miscreant and their entire family to the 3rd degree. If that is too harsh then remove the right hand of the acid thrower (regardless of age)…

    This is a culture problem, the British need to address it the same way they ended Suttee in India.

  6. They're really doing their best to make it impossible to write a decent parody of their insanity, aren't they?

    Off topic: Mr. Grant, the Ames novels were *fantastic*. I was afraid of what was going to happen in the second book, and indeed, I was struck with a terrible fit of allergy-induced eye watering, and (probably unrelated to the "allergies") cursing immediately after the event in question… Walt's mission to exact justice upon the person(s) responsible was awesome and terrible to behold. I rather wanted to give him a hug, actually, but I'm strange like that…

    On a separate note, I couldn't get over how wonderful it was reading (especially in "Brings The Lightning" [awesome back story to that title, BTW…dried peas…genius, and hilarious!] the ease with which Walt was able to purchase multiple firearms, of all different types, the ammunition for them, and any modification he could imagine, all without a single government form or cavity search. The way he could *sell* firearms without any hassle whatsoever…and modify his own weapons without fear of the State? I was simultaneously moved by witnessing  such freedom being exercised, and angered by the fact that those freedoms have been stripped from us without any care whatsoever for the broad restrictions the 2nd Amendment explicitly places upon the government's interference in said rights. *takes deep breaths*

     Cutting my rant short, suffice to say they were *wonderful* adventures, and I hope to be able to read more (and, for Walt's sake, maybe happier?) chapters of Walt's story in the future.
    My dad has enjoyed westerns since he was very young, and I think he'll enjoy these a great deal, so I've lent them to him. My mom wants to read them too! I suspect you'll soon have two new converts to your fandom. 🙂

    Oh, I almost forgot to add, it was *awesome* meeting you and Old NFO! You guys were just wonderful, and I actually almost forgot my inherent tendency towards social awkwardness, heh. The lovely and charming Mrs. Grant was a joy to meet as well! I wish I could have made it to some of your panels, but I'm really glad I got to say hello. *happy grin*

    God bless! 🙂

  7. It has been apparent for quite some time that Britain has fallen.
    I have very little sympathy for them as they have brought it upon themselves. Let them serve as a warning against rampant socialism, multiculturalism and suicidal pacifism.

  8. "If convicted, those responsible should be sentenced to being doused with acid from head to toe, in public, and left to scream in agony for about five minutes before they're hosed down or receive medical treatment."

    I'd alter that just a bit, hose them down and call NHS to come and put them on a waiting list. That would make me feel better but wouldn't solve anything.

    I don't see any way to deter these people from doing this kind of thing and as was said self defense is virtually impossible due to the lack of warning of such an attack. The only solution is to not have this type of person in your country in the first place.

  9. Just wait until these "teens" get the bright idea of mixing bleach and ammonia.

    First order effects: Can generate chlorine gas.
    Second order effects: Generates toxic chloramine vapor.
    Third order effects: Explosive and very toxic liquid hydrazine may be formed.

  10. What I cannot understand, is the tendency to ram acceptance of "multiculturalism" down the throats of the population. It doesn't solve problems, it creates them. Example of multiculturalism include the Mideast (Muslim Shiite/Sunni schism, Christian/other religious friction, tribal issues)and Africa (religious/political/tribal issues). Forcing multiculturalism is just importing these problems.

  11. Do they have a law against pulling paving stones (bricks) out of the streets yet? Or pulling stones out of the soil? I know, don't give em ideas…..

  12. I'll go out on a limb and guess that the perpetrators of acid attacks aren't Welsh or Scots.

    They have to go back. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

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