I have this overwhelming impulse to build a great big extension on the house we’re currently sharing with our landlord, just so it can accommodate the new Dornbracht horizontal shower.

Yes, it’s a shower you lie down to use! It’s not terribly practical for soaping yourself, but for easing aching muscles and sore spines with a cascade of hot water, it looks just about perfect . . .

As Gizmodo’s review said of it:

It’s a shower I don’t have to stand, or at the least prop myself up against the wall, to use. It has all the lazy benefits of taking a bath, without sitting in dirty water that gets lukewarm in a couple of minutes. I just know it’s going to cost a small fortune (not including installation) but sorry about your college fund future kids, I need this more, and I need this now.

And my fused, aching spine is already nagging me the same way! Unfortunately, on a disability income, there’s no way I’ll ever be able to afford one . . .




  1. My daughter would love it. She's too lazy to prepare a bath and sit in the tub, but she'll stand under the shower, lean against the wall and fall asleep for half an hour.

    This could be the answer.

    I guess she'll want me to pay for it too.


  2. good point Rich,
    If you used the flow level the government would want you to, the water would evaporate before it fell on you.

  3. Cool! I'm already thinking about how to improvise one and to recirculate, the reheated water. All thou, a hot tub might be a better bet with a sore back.

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