Was the entire Charlottesville imbroglio a setup from start to finish?

I’m beginning to wonder whether the events at Charlottesville, VA last weekend were deliberately set up and allowed to unfold, as a calculated political maneuver to put President Trump in particular, and the Republican Party and conservatives and the alt-right in general, into an impossible position, where anything they might do could be criticized by the massed battalions of the Democratic Party, their lackey news media, and the forces seeking to undermine the US constitution (George Soros, take a bow).

In order to forestall the inevitable idiocy of those who might wish to accuse me of Nazi sympathies, or anything stupid like that, let me state at once that I unequivocally condemn racism in general, and Nazism in particular.  I have literally exchanged gunfire with neo-Nazis in South Africa, about which I wrote some time ago.  That, plus my other articles on racism, xenophobia and discrimination, speak for themselves, IMHO.  However, I also strongly uphold the Constitution of the United States, particularly the Bill of Rights.  I uphold free speech, without restrictions or preconditions or limitations.  If you limit free speech for one, you necessarily limit it for all.  This is completely unacceptable.  (See Lawdog’s take on the subject for a very good, balanced perspective.)

That said, consider the following political maneuvers that have been uncovered since the demonstrations:

  • It has been claimed by Fox News that police were ordered not to make any arrests without the specific permission of the Mayor of Charlottesville.  The ACLU has stated bluntly that police did little or nothing to prevent the violence;
  • Virginia Governor McAuliffe claimed that protesters had weapons ‘stashed around the city’ – a clearly inflammatory remark that was promptly denied by his own State Police.  I get the impression, from this and other reports, that law enforcement agencies and officers in and around Charlottesville were more than a little angered by the restraints imposed on them for political reasons, thereby giving violent demonstrators a relatively free hand.  City Journal called it ‘avoidable mayhem‘.
  • The ‘hot button’ issue allegedly driving the Charlottesville clashes was the removal of Confederate monuments in that city.  Since events there, calls to remove other Confederate monuments have redoubled, coming thick and fast from far-left-wing and progressive spokespersons in other major cities, including Chicago, Baltimore (where statues were immediately removed overnight, to forestall protests), and even a call to remove a Confederate memorial carved into the face of Stone Mountain, Georgia.  One can believe that these calls were all made on the spur of the moment by opportunist politicians . . . or one might suspect, as I do, that there was a certain amount of prearrangement and coordination involved.
  • Businesses are either acting on their own accord, or are being pressured by other customers and peers, to cut off services to those held responsible by ‘public opinion’ (note – NOT the courts or any official source) for the violence in Charlottesville.  As far as I’m aware, that backlash has been exclusively directed against right-wing groups and individuals, even though left-wing groups and individuals have publicly boasted about their own violent actions there.  Legal Insurrection calls the one-sided blame game a ‘reversal of reality‘.
  • President Trump is being attacked from all sides for failing to unequivocally condemn the right-wing demonstrators in Charlottesville – despite the fact that he has, in fact, done so.  He is being criticized for pointing out that there was violence on all sides – despite the fact that this was, in fact, the case.  This is clearly an orchestrated, organized, deliberate attempt to ignore the facts and paint him into a corner as a neo-Nazi sympathizer – an accusation for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

Putting all these things together, I can only conclude that a shadowy behind-the-scenes organizer (or organizers) is/are pulling the strings, coordinating responses to Charlottesville for the benefit of far-left-wing and progressive elements in this country.  I have a pretty good idea who’s to blame, as well.

  • I have little doubt that George Soros, and organizations and individuals funded by him, are heavily involved.
  • I have little doubt that former President Obama’s ‘Organizing for Action‘ and its leadership is in this up to its neck.
  • It’s very obvious, from their own statements and those of their leaders, that organizations such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, etc. are behind much of what’s going on.
  • I have little doubt that the national news media, so infamously in the tank for former President Obama and so clearly united in opposition to President Trump, are playing this up for all they’re worth.

The question thus becomes, where will the next Charlottesville happen?  The left always looks to keep the momentum going, to pile on incident after incident, to build up a mass reaction to what they perceive as an evil or an injustice.  Charlottesville has been grist to their mill . . . but the furore will die down in the not too distant future.  Where will they strike next?  I have no doubt whatsoever that they’re already planning the next incident like this, and already lining up publicity, calls for action, and everything else that will inevitably follow it.

Meanwhile, of course, let us not forget Newton’s Third Law of Motion, commonly stated as:  “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  Right-wing reaction to left-wing excesses is building.  Some are already calling this ‘Civil War 2.0‘.  Even the venerable New Yorker asked, ‘Is America Headed for a New Kind of Civil War?‘  Even 4Chan is getting in on the act, with proposals to take down statues of Communist figures.  I’m also hearing verbal reactions from individuals in various parts of the country, who are furious that such a sequence of events was allowed to unfold by the Charlottesville city fathers.  The general tone of the comments seems to be, “If they don’t stop that sort of thing happening here, I damn well will!”  I fear a backlash from ordinary citizens who’ve had enough of extremists of every stripe.  So do a number of law enforcement personnel of my acquaintance, who know they’re likely to get caught up in it, whether they like it or not.

Individuals whom I know and respect have stated openly to me that they believe some kind of separation is inevitable, with left-wing, liberal states hiving off from right-wing, conservative states, and vice versa.  (The current ‘Calexit‘ movement is a good example.)  My response is that I don’t know of a single state that is monolithic in its politics.  It may be predominantly left- or right-wing, but in every case there will be a substantial minority of those from the other side of the political spectrum.  Absent some sort of (forced or voluntary) ‘ethnic cleansing‘ (or, in this case, political cleansing), how is such a separation to be achieved?  I doubt whether it’s practical.  If it happens despite being impractical, I fear bloodshed will result, just as it did in the former Yugoslavia a few decades ago.

The irony, of course, is that the two sides are far closer to one another in terms of their philosophical underpinnings than either would ever imagine.  A few days ago, I quoted Brendan O’Neill’s comment that the conflict was essentially over ‘the narcissism of small differences’.  Donald Sensing points out that Nazism’s roots are emphatically and unequivocally in Socialism and Communism, as confirmed by Hitler himself.  One wonders what the neo-Marxists, neo-Trotskyites and neo-Leninists of the far Left would say to that?



  1. I don't want to go too deep into tinfoil hat territory but the reports of the inconsistent/recent conversion background of some of the "Unite the Right" organizers is at least a data point that needs to be watched for in the future.

  2. I have little doubt this little bit of theater was orchestrated by the Deep State, their media lackeys and oligarch overlords. As more ground truth comes out from Charlottesville it's becoming more and more obvious it was a setup. The American people are being played. Yet again.

    These sorts of operations, like the baseless Russian accusations, will continue until they succeed in removing Trump from the office he was elected to. If despite of all of the backstabbing from the supposed conservatives in congress and the massive simply unprecedented push from the media and oligarchs, they don't get him removed by quasi constitutional means then I guarantee they'll have no reservations about removing him by outright coup d'etat. By kinetic means if necessary. I'd advise against convertible rides through Dallas for the foreseeable future.

    If you're the religious type I'd be praying for the President and for a just God to spare his judgment on a country that deserves every bit of it.

  3. Great post!

    I'm so disappointed by the virtue signaling by the GOPe on this, especially Romney. No recognition of the alt lefts responsibility on this.

    The question of where does this stop. George Washington was a slave owner, so was Plato. Do we expunge them from history?

  4. You have good point about no state being monolithic – in the 2016 election, there were 3 states where every county voted the same way (in Alaska, Oklahoma, and West Virginia, every county had a majority for Trump). We have already seen significant tension in states with large liberal cities and a conservative statehouse, such as Texas; in the times to come these differences will become more pronounced. One possible concern is that in many states, the conservative state mechanisms meet and work within a liberal city – again, example Texas, whose capital in Austin.
    A split in the country would mirror the Partition of India in 1947, but probably with MORE bloodshed given the greater distances people would likely have to travel to get to where they were welcome. Nobody knows the death toll of Partition, and likewise no one would know the death toll of splitting the US.
    The US Civil War was unusual in how the country split geographically; a true civil war with intermingled combatants would be much messier and much deadlier – and when the dust settled, it is likely that conservatives would win since the control larger areas of the country and have more weaponry and experience using it – but there are enough unknowns that I could well be wrong.

  5. 'they' want us to react so we can be jailed, like the bundys.
    it will be taking down real americans piece by piece.
    unless the entire nation gets on its face and begs God to move, all the judgement we deserve will come upon us.
    it is too late.
    i pray for the president to be safe and his family also.
    i ask God to empty all american government and fill the governments with His men.
    please pray.
    remember nazi germany , stalin's starvation of the ukraine and the pol pot murder of most of a nation..
    worse is coming our way if we don't seriously turn off the tv and get praying.

  6. A lot of what happened can be narrowed down to the police not doing their jobs. It isn't the first time such a thing has happened. So do we engage on grand conspiracies, or do we try to isolate individual elements to see if we can solve them?

    The biggest danger of conspiracy theory is the sense of predetermination, that "they" are too powerful and organized to resist. Antifa is still a small group, and the SJW left is so fragmented as to be nothing but shrill voices. The WS and Nazis are a clear threat to all conservative and libertarian groups, via guilt by association–not to mention everyone else.

    The statues? Washington and Jefferson are founders of our country. Lee and Davis attempted to overthrow it. Where else would we seek to celebrate TRAITORS? Putting someone on a pedestal isn't an empty metaphor. Move them to museums, and put them into historical perspective.

    Question, Peter: are there statues in S.A. of the founder of apartheid in public squares? I know of one of Cecil Rhoades on one college campus; are there others all over S.A.?

  7. Cali may go its own way. We're going to keep Norton and everythng south. We like San Diego and Miramar and Pendleton. The screwups and losers can have the rest.
    I lived there when the BRAC closed down Alamedal NAS, Alameda, the Navy shipyards at Hunters Point and Vallejo, Treasure Island Navy Base, the Air Force base north of the city. Everything but Travis AFB was shut down by Congress and California and Diane ate it up.

  8. I think your thesis holds water. I even have a suspicion that events like Charlottesville were part of some big globalist plan to run during a Hillary Clinton administration, and that they are just running bits and pieces of that plan anyway even though Hillary lost. "Divide and conquer" works well no matter who is president.

    "Absent some sort of (forced or voluntary) 'ethnic cleansing' (or, in this case, political cleansing), how is such a separation to be achieved?"

    Look into the idea of Panarchy, a kind of political secession without being a full separation. It's an extension of the idea of religious tolerance that appeared a couple hundred years ago.



  9. The few NAZILarpers there were asked to ditch the hitler crap, but refused.

    The next time, they need to be pushed out and made to face the fascist alone.

  10. Paul is taking it to the next level which is a government sponsored conspiracy. Unfortunately this is a very short step. The left is probably ecstatic over finally finding an issue that will bring the right out onto the streets where they can be goaded into violence in their own defense. Similar to the Muslims, they carefully escalate the violence against the citizenry until someone hits back, then the wailing about oppression begins and the press repeat it unquestioningly.

    Best approach by the right would probably be to follow Gandhi's nonviolent approach and let the brownshirts severely injure or even kill a few of them, and wait for the next election. The police do what the chief tells them to do and the chief does what the Mayor tells him to do. Everyone knows this.

  11. In view of the fact that Goobernor Terry McAuliffe AND Shannon Watts both had pre-canned statements denouncing the gun violence, one does become a mite skeptical.

  12. Billll,

    Screw that Ghandi crap. (That sort of thing only works in very limited situations.) Lots easier to remove those politicians, and keep removing them, until the replacements do a proper job. And I'm not talking about waiting on voting booths, either.

  13. If the right takes up arms, the Antifa Nazis had better watch out.They might whine about the "oppression," but the time for that to have any effect that will save them will be past. Antifa Nazi bodies will pile up and Police will have little effect as some of the Police that sympathize will some of those bodies.

    The Antifa Nazis seem to want revolution, and they may get it really, really hard. I'll have precious little sympathy for them, even though I won't like what they are getting.

  14. To add gasoline to the fire, the liberals are doubling down over Trump's calling out of the wingnuts on both sides last weekend.


    It's a given that the republicans will not support Trump during this. Their interest is maintaining the status quo, not doing what they said they would do, obamacare among several topics.

    I don't know if the Article 25 effort will go anywhere, but won't bet against it. There's widespread resentment against Trump for not working within the system that is deecee, as all the readers here already know, but I'm concerned this effort will have a lot of all around support, if only on the quiet.

  15. "I fear a backlash from ordinary citizens …"

    Some of them aren't ordinary, and some of them understand how to organize covert operations.

    I'll know they've arrived on the scene when I start hearing about "accidents" that affect these groups that would be branded terrorists in any decently sane country.

    When the cops high-tail it out of the area because they can't find the stones (or the small arms) to defend themselves, much less anyone else, I think the thing to fear will not be any "backlash" so much as blowback.

    There will be everyday consequences that come about as a result of a wide public perception that the police are not capable of doing their jobs.

    Theme music during this period won't be so much "Welcome to the Jungle" as much as "Pass it Along" by Chumbawamba … "a virtual office in a virtual home so you won't have to drive through the rough part of town …"

    Internet telepresence firms are finally going to make a killing in the market.

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