Weirdly cute, but is it practical?

A photograph over at Daily Timewaster led me to investigate this strange-looking knife.  It’s the Daktyl model from CRKT.

I understand it’s not the first side-opening knife CRKT has produced.  I couldn’t help but wonder why.  I mean, apart from the cuteness factor, why not use a traditional knife body, one that protects the blade against other debris in one’s pocket?  I can see a receipt, or something like that, slipping between the outer wire frame and the edge of the blade, and getting cut when you pull one or the other out of your pocket.

However, the reviews on Amazon are sometimes fun.  Examples:

  • It is the coolest knife in the world. You will automatically become 30% cooler if you carry it.
  • This thing is like a cross between a fidget spinner and a knife. I can’t stop playing with it. PLEASE, MAKE ME STOP!!!
  • It is now safe to use the belt clip that was so dangerous on the old model.  (I can’t help but wonder why it was dangerous.)
  • If a knife can be sexy… this one is Raquel Welch!

I suppose it’s another example of toys for boys.  I can’t complain.  I have a few “useful toys” that make my wife roll her eyes at me on occasion . . .



  1. Peter
    I love CRKT kit and they create some ultra cool kit but the side openers are too fiddly.
    But they do have a new transformer karambit that is very cool and pretty too.

  2. It looks like a torch igniter mated with a scalpel. Sheesh.

    However, Benchmade keeps dangling lures from their giant tackle box…

  3. I like benchmade and CRKT, Spyderco, etc
    Most of the American based blademakers are pretty addictive, at the moment I’m decorating most of my humble home with Cold Steel
    swords. Alas I live in England so they arrive a year after release and the costs are horrible.But this week I have three swords due to arrive and all thought of costs melt away when new steel arrives.

  4. Strangely the bigger the blade the lesser the control.

    Two reasons, firstly a lot of officials have a sword as part of the uniform, the queen still uses a pretty sharp blade for knighting people.
    Second reason is that it’s bloody hard for our “diverse youth “ in London to conceal a sword in their hoodie.

  5. I have several CRKT knives and like them. I do think I'll pass on this one. My standard style blades work just fine and if I need to open a bottle, my old 1911A1 works just fine.

  6. It's natural for makers and artists to get together, get drunk,and exclaim, "No no, no, I'VE got the dumbest idea that will sell!", before laughing hysterically and sleeping it off. Except that one guy who goes ahead and makes it.

  7. Ox slow, but.. promo for knife NOT showing it cut *anything*?!?

    Is knife? Or funny looking bottle opener? THAT was shown.

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