What a magnificent photograph!


Found on Gab yesterday (clickit to biggit):

What a magnificent shot!  Talk about being in the right place at the right time – and having the skill and talent to translate location into opportunity.  I don’t know who took it, but I’ll gladly provide credit if the photographer contacts me.



  1. I have no photograph of the event, but my wife and I got to witness a Bald Eagle take a fish a few hundred yards north of where we were kayaking this past July on Lake Mashapaug in Union, CT. He was flying across the lake from west to east when he dove to the surface, made a big splash, and took off at a steep angle with a good sized fish in his talons. He flew up to the top of a big pine tree to consume his prize.

    In a canoe on the same lake a good ten years ago, a friend and I entered a cove and on the left shoreline was a gorgeous (and huge) male Bald Eagle eating a fish. We glided by slowly only about 25 feet away watching him and he was watching us. He took his fish and flew away as we went by only because went started to go behind him. I feel quite privileged every time I see one of these majestic birds.

  2. Of course, this being modern America, the fish should be kicking the eagle's ass. And we shouldn't be presuming the eagle's species. It may identify as a tree; sorry, a non-binary tree.

  3. Photo by Kurt Wecker, it seems to be in the image itself. Great job Kurt! I think that is a Walleye Pike, but maybe it is called a pickerel where you are from.

  4. He / she has heard the shutter and is watching that big eye watching it.
    The fish has only just been snatched from the water and has not yet been turned round, head first, for streamlined flight. Maybe dead bait.
    Good luck majestic bird. May the whirling Mercedes symbols never bring you down.

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