What will it take to make us us cleanse our society of this filth?


The sheer, naked, in-your-face evil of the pedophile cult in our society is now so blatant, so commonplace, that many people simply yawn and say, “Well, there’s nothing we can do about it”.  That’s a cop-out.  We have to do something about it, or see more and more of our children sucked into the maw of Moloch and sacrificed on the altars of perversity and ruthless exploitation.

Just look at what we’ve seen over the past few days.  Click either of the links below at your own risk – they’re sickening.  Both include video clips.

And yet, nobody in the mainstream media, and no mainstream politician, has spoken out against such catastrophic abuse of children.

Rod Dreher calls it “the gender ideology end game“.

This is it. This is the end game of these queer theorists and gender ideologues: the sexualization of children. It was always going to end up here. This is what all these drag queen story hours mean, and these “family-friendly drag shows“. It’s all about sexualizing children and grooming them to become prey for pedophiles — sorry, “Minor-Attracted Persons.”

Did they even go this far in Weimar Germany?

How much more of this are we prepared to tolerate?

. . .

A lot of the stuff that’s totally mainstream now we were told would never happen here — and that people who warned that it was coming were nothing but a bunch of Religious Right bigots trying to scare people into failing to recognize that #LoveWins.

If we as a society will not defend our children from these sickos, we don’t deserve to survive.

There’s more at the link, and I agree with every word.

Many of us can’t do much about the existence of such evil.  We can only do our best to prevent our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren being exposed to it.  However, some of us may live in areas that are less far sunk in moral filth, and are, shall we say, more conducive to direct action.

  • What if some of us were to confront the venues advertising, or supporting, or hosting such nauseating displays of filth, and demand that they stop?
  • What if they were warned that if they didn’t stop, there would be consequences?
  • What if those consequences actually happened, instead of merely being threatened?
  • What if local individuals pushing for such evil to be allowed were to be told that the damage they were doing to our kids would no longer be allowed?
  • What if they were given a simple choice – stop what you’re doing, or face the consequences?
  • And what if there were actual, hard, real-world consequences?

Obviously, I can’t recommend taking the law into our own hands.  That would make me criminally liable, along with the perpetrators.  Nevertheless, if someone were to take the law into their own hands in those and other ways, I’d be the first to applaud, and offer practical support as well, to the extent possible.  I may be old and stove-up, but there’s still a lot I can do to help.

And if nobody else will act?  If nobody else will defend our children against this clear and present danger?  Well, then, I guess it’s up to me, and people like me, to do anything and everything in our power.  I’ll let H. L. Mencken say it for me, metaphorically speaking (of course):

In this case, and in our society, that time is long overdue, I’d say.



  1. "A good tactic is one your people enjoy." – Saul Alinsky

    "Say, that's a nice bar you have where they hold drag shows for children. It would be a real shame if it caught on fire, and burned to the ground. In fact, if I owned a bar like that, I'd be worried someone might cut my legs off at the knees, my arms off at the shoulders, break all my ribs with a ball peen hammer, and stuff my severed genitals into my mouth and leave me to bleed out, if I ran a place like that. Wouldn't you?" – Vito and Guido's Guide To The Art Of Gentle Persuasion

    Lather, rinse, repeat. – Head & Shoulders

  2. "What will it take to make us us cleanse our society of this filth?"

    Obviously, things far more horrific than we've experienced thus far.

    And the backlash to things like this often is equally or even more horrific than its cause.

  3. The Jewish race, according to the old testament, was forced into slavery after their years of sinfulness. Slavery was a consequence of them forgetting their Lord and His precepts.

  4. Any "solution" that does not involve every democrat and their allies/enablers being exiled, imprisoned forever or otherwise permanently and irrevocably disenfranchised and prevented from participation in society is just whistling past the graveyard of the Republic and concepts like liberty or decency.

  5. Reading your column today, I thought you might want to check out http://www.grindstoneministries.com who's goal is to "support our ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking and assist those affected by natural disasters." He is building a residence to help those kids who have been victims of abuse. It is a 501C charity that is completely supported by donations.
    He is an interesting committed fellow.

  6. They keep asking if this is the hill to die on? I believe this is the hill to shoot them from or a Gen Patton would say make the other SOB die for his beliefs (liberty taken and I ask for Gen Patton's forgiveness but i think it is a Garand idea)

  7. A community in rural Peru complained to the diocese that they believed the local priest was molesting their children. After no immediate action was taken, the local police found the priest hanging from a tree. How that happened remains a mystery to this day.

  8. Rather closely related, it's a known fact that victims of medical gender modification tend to have a much higher suicide rate than those who receive psychological counceling and treatment. Encouraging minor children to get permanent changes to their bodies has become a popular fad with certain parents, teachers, and even medical professionals. One can only suspect that eventually some of those poor individuals rather than end their own lives once they realize the harm done to them will instead seek to punish those who allowed it to happen.
    Karma as they say can be a stone beyatch, ant those who would allow and even promote the physical harm of children for some twisted virtue signaling would seem to be long past due.

  9. Interesting thing about juries, they have the power to vote not guilty even when the defendant blatantly admits on the stand that they committed the "crime" they are accused of.

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