Will Donald Trump be able to tolerate Air Force One?

I ask because I suspect Air Force One‘s interior, nice though it undoubtedly is, can’t hold a candle to the luxury in Mr. Trump’s own Boeing 757.  This footage was shot shortly after its conversion to a luxury personal jet was completed in 2011.  Watch it in full-screen mode for best results.

I wonder if he’ll keep that on standby as a backup to his Presidential plane?



  1. Air Force One might not be as luxurious as Donald Trump's plane, but it is luxurious enough. And Air Force One contains systems and defenses that are indispensable for the president when he travels that are not incorporated into Mr. Trump's personal 757.

  2. Within 2 years, the NEW Air Force One will be ready – it is well underway, but the process is early enough that he could still affect its design as far as luxury goes.

  3. Zero, The Empty Suit Snake Oil Salesman, and his family, including the lovely Ms Robinson, have just about worn out the entire SAM fleet with their endless golfing, vaca's, and campaigning. I don't mind my tax dollars going for new equipment for a real President. regards, Alemaster

  4. What Roy said. I have some awareness as to what went into the Air Force Ones (yes, there is more than one) as well as what goes into other luxury Boeing planes. He ain't slumming in any of the Air Force Ones. No, there isn't any gold plating in them, that is reserved for the Saudis, et al. and evidently Trump.

  5. Just think, Trumps plane was bought with his money,not the taxpayers. Now there is a novel idea. Bet he pays for his own vacations, too.

  6. A wonderful business tool, in the tradition of Diamond Jim Brady. Fly with Donald for a few hours, and they are ready to sign the deal.

    Lovely fun.

  7. Trumps jet may be nice but the VC-25 allows you to fight a nuclear war while being lashed by EMP and specialized communication equipment to allows you to communicate even though the atmosphere and electromagnetic spectrum are sizzling from dozens if not hundreds of high yield thermonuclear detonations. Also can be refueled in the air which gives it endurance only limited by lubricant degradation in the engines.

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