1. Got that point across well! Even better, he can use Dad's Dramatic Story Retelling, later on, to make his son laugh more. Give the fire-breathing dragon a case of hiccups. The largest Billy Goat Gruff tromps up to the troll bridge with a flamethrower. I know that my daughter borrowed some of the silliness, after seeing some of her seminar presentations.

  2. Almost 59 now and nobody had a better dad.

    I remember he specifically taught me to cross the street. Look both ways and motor over. The interesting thing was going to an Amish dinner in Ohio with a crowd of strangers, all of them from Kansas and every single one of them went to that elementary school my dad was teaching me to walk to alone because, back then, all of us walked to school and crossed streets without crossing guards.

    Small world. Telling them my address was a hoot. They all knew 401 and a half on Spruce and so the school, 3rd street elementary. i was five the first time I lived in Kansas.

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