Would you like to get ‘killed’ for charity?

My long-standing buddy in meatspace and cyberspace, bestselling author Larry Correia, has issued another ‘Charity Red Shirt‘ challenge.  His first such challenge raised enough money to pay for a young man’s dialysis treatments until he could receive a kidney transplant.  It’s taken him from then until now to use all the names of people who donated – hence the delay until this, his second Red Shirt challenge.

It is Charity Red Shirt time again!

That is where if you donate enough money to a specific cause, I will use your name in a book. Details are below.

This time we are helping my friend Mitch with his medical bills. I’ve known him for about 20 years. Mitch suffers from spina bifida and has gone through a bunch of surgeries. This is to help him climb out of the hole. Here is the link.


Let me tell you a little bit about Mitch…

. . .

He’s a good guy who has spent his life helping others, and now I want to do something nice for him. Medical bills are expensive and Mitch has been through the wringer for years. Our mutual friend Dave set this up when he found out how far in the hole Mitch is.

This is not tax deductible. This isn’t through a 501c3. It is just a couple of guys raising money for their buddy.

. . .

If you donate $150, or you donate less but win the raffle, then I will use your name in an upcoming novel. (You can donate more too if you like, because Mitch will just use it to pay off bills).

There’s much more at the link.  As for what ‘Red Shirt’ implies, see here.

Larry’s got one of the biggest hearts in the world, both literally (the man’s a giant!) and morally.  I respect the heck out of him, and I thought his first Charity Red Shirt challenge was a wonderful idea.  You can bet your boots I’ll be joining this second one, not to get my name in his books (I’ve already been used as the inspiration for a character in his first, breakout novel, ‘Monster Hunter International‘ – those of you who’ve read it probably know whom I mean), but because he picks really good, deserving causes and follows through on his promises.  Not many charities do that today.

I strongly recommend Larry’s latest Charity Red Shirt challenge to all my readers.  If you can afford to give something, no matter how small an amount, please consider it.



  1. Darn it, I've read that book at least seven times, and I haven't the foggiest idea which character is based on you, aside from maybe Milo… A hint, maybe? *pleading expression*

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