Miss D. is following the progress of my novel‘s sales far more closely than I am (I’m concentrating on Book 2 of the series, which comes out in July, and hoping for long-term rather than only short-term sales success).  This morning she giggled as she said, “Guess what?”  This is what she’d found.

That’s right – at the time of writing, ‘Take The Star Road‘ is:

  • 17th on Amazon’s list of ‘hot new releases’ in Science Fiction e-books overall;
  • 7th on its list of ‘hot new releases’ in military SF e-books;  and
  • all the way up to 3rd place on its list of ‘hot new releases’ in Space Opera SF e-books.

The lists change from hour to hour, of course, so there’s no guarantee it’ll stay that high:  but just to reach the first page of results in all those categories is wonderful!  As for being in the top 3 in a category . . . that’s just too cool for school!

Thank you all very much for your support, and particularly for spreading the word about my first novel.  I couldn’t have done any of this without you.  Also, if you’ve read it but not yet posted a review on Amazon.com, please do so – new readers often make purchasing decisions based upon reviews.  Thanks muchly!



  1. Also, I just posted my opinion of the book (VERY good) and a link to Brigid's review (better than I could do).

  2. Congratulations! I actually overcame my longstanding aversion to Kindle to buy your book, FW(little)IW. Looking forward to reading it now that the long weekend is here. (Once I get reading a good novel it's usually "Why are the birds singing at this time of … oh, crap, dawn!")

  3. Get it into .EPUB format, for heaven's sake! The Kindle isn't the only platform out there.

  4. @Francis W. Porretto: There's an easy way to get an ePub file of my book (see below), but I won't be offering them anytime soon, for two reasons:

    1. I asked my readers, prior to publication, which format they would prefer. The overwhelming majority of responses (90%+ over both comments and e-mails) were for the Kindle platform.

    2. If I publish exclusively with Amazon and Kindle, I get almost twice the royalty rate that I would by splitting the book between competing sellers and e-publishing formats. It's hard to justify the loss of income that would accompany multiple formats.

    However, it's very easy to convert a Kindle file into an ePub using (free) software such as Calibre. I've already had several readers do that, e-mailing me for hints about the process if necessary, and they're today reading an Amazon file on their Nook or other non-Amazon hardware with no trouble. I deliberately set up my book without DRM to permit such conversions.

    I hope this helps.

  5. Glad the book is doing so well, Peter!

    I bought it – if for no other reason than for all of the fun I've had reading your blog over the years! Partial Payment – can't wait to read it!

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