A day off blogging

I expect to finish the draft of my second Western novel today.  It’s the sequel to ‘Brings The Lightning‘.  I’m going all-out to get it done, so that I can do a preliminary read-through on Monday and Tuesday, then get it off to the publisher for editing.

That being the case, I won’t put up blog posts today, but concentrate on my book instead. I hope you’ll forgive the lack of fresh content, and amuse yourselves in the archives, or with the blogs listed in my sidebar.  They write good stuff, too!

See you tomorrow.



  1. A wise move, Peter. I am greatly looking forward to the sequel, and of course more in the Maxwell saga. Now if you can just cut out frivolous, time-wasting hobbies like eating and sleeping….

  2. Looking forward to the next Ames book, and just started the Maxwell books too. I'll wait until it's done,but wait eagerly.

  3. What's this? Off-blogging to finish paying work that readers have been asking, nay, clamoring for? What will the world come to when men attend to their work, noses to the grindstone, instead of, say, "peacefully protesting" or bemoaning the results of an election long since past?

    Good on you, sir. I look forward to the results of your efforts. Maybe some of my other favorite authors could take your good example and get to writing faster too, eh?

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