Those were the days . . .

The Devil’s Panties cartoon strip for February 24th, 2017, made me laugh.  Click the image for a larger view at the cartoon’s home page.

Yes, I remember those days . . . in fact, I still live in them.  I frequently leave my cellphone at home, or switch it to silent mode if I need to concentrate on writing.  And, yes, I get uphill from my friends on occasion when they’ve been trying to reach me, and I don’t answer:  but I refuse to be a slave to an electronic gizmo!



  1. I refer to the electronic box that I'm always leaving at home as "the iLeash." I prefer to live without it whenever possible.


  2. Ironically, I use my phone less for phone calls, and more as a secondary processor system for the ol' Mk1 that sits in my skull. The Calendar app is very useful for keeping up with appointments, for example, and I do have a couple amusement apps if I get bored (Kindle is my first go-to).

    Regardless, technology should serve YOU, not the other way around. I suspect too many people forget that.

  3. "That's not my phone, that's the portable hotspot that was cheaper to make from a second-hand phone…"

    (Not like you can RELIABLY not get hiccups in the hotspot's routing when taking a voice call on the same device even nowadays.)

    "… but thanks for reminding me, I'm leaving my phone too because it'd just be bad manners to have to do something to it if it were to ring during the panel or something."

  4. I've taken a lot of flack about this over the years. I resisted getting a cell phone as long as I could just to avoid this, and (now) turn it off whenever I need to concentrate.

    A long time ago, back before cell phones were common, I used to have to carry a pager so I could be called at odd hours if needed. But it was acknowledged to be an imposition, and they paid us for the privilege. Even so, I hated the leash then (calls at 1:30 AM on a Saturday morning are *not* fun!) and was happy to put it behind me when I changed jobs. So now we're supposed to be on call for everyone (including wrong numbers) at all times, and pay (rather than getting paid for) the privilege?

  5. I live way out in the boonies as a retired old coot nobody's interested in talking to on the phone. But as cell coverage has improved out here my neighbors and I have taken to carrying them as a safety measure even though previously we all pretty much badmouthed them as electronic leashes. So it's all pretty much in the presentation, I suppose. 🙂

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