A nation of sheep – Belgium edition

I couldn’t help but get angry when I read this headline:

And what, precisely, will drawing messages on a sidewalk in chalk do to stop terrorism?  The answer, of course, is that it’ll do precisely as much as sending Twitter messages to oppose the kidnapping of girls in Nigeria by Boko Haram – namely, nothing whatsoever.

If Belgians (or any other nation’s citizens) want to ‘take a stand against terror’, do so by recruiting, training, equipping and supporting effective anti-terrorist forces;  by stopping terrorists coming into your country in the guise of ‘refugees’;  and by doing everything possible to prevent ‘fellow travelers‘ from providing passive or active support to terrorists.  Belgium has been cutting back on security and defense expenditures for years . . . and now its citizens are paying the price, as are those of many other European nations.

Oh – and leave the damn sidewalk chalk at home!



  1. Chalk seems to be all they have… Belgium is extremely restrictive on gun ownership… Depending on the study, between 3-4% ownership, some 10000+ guns owned with NO ammunition!

  2. I don't understand this mindset. Chalk, tweets, selfies with posters condemning bad people . . . People that are out killing and terrorizing people aren't going to stop simply because you asked them to, trended on Twitter, or gave them a stern look.

  3. Some people chalk it up to the divide between Walloons and Flemish and the inactivity it fosters.

    Take care

  4. You know the adage: "Mantras are for the masses."

    Okay, so I made that one up. But it's fitting for this subject.

  5. Wait! What? All those girls aren't home? But people held signs and stuff. Besides, they're not in the news anymore.

    The problem of course is that governments have so emasculated people that their only recourse is a stern message. Sadly, the people who gave or left themselves the power to do more than that have bought into the message too.

    I have a daughter in Brussels. When you awaken to a text, "…I'm safe…" you head immediately to the news to learn what she's safe from.

  6. This is like hashtag campaign, requires almost no effort, but does make you feel better. I'm sure they're quaking in their boots.

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