A veteran strikes back

There seems to be a trend among certain politicians to decry veterans of military service as ‘never having held a job’, or something like that.  It happened in Maryland today, and last month an Arkansas politician claimed that his Republican opponent had a ‘sense of entitlement’ because he was a veteran.

The Republican veteran has struck back with this entertaining video ad, assisted by his former Drill Sergeant.

How to defuse an attack, make the voters smile, and make your opponent look like an idiot, all in one thirty-second advertisement.  I love it!



  1. Whoopee!!! I hope it works. I can understand why his opponent doesn't like him. This guy looks clean, honest and CAPABLE.

  2. I think Mr. Cotton handled that pretty well, and Gibbs-slapped his opponent at the same time. As for the Md. Case, Gansler and Brown are both members of the libtard Democratic machine that has turned Maryland from "The Free State" into a slave state rivalling NY, Conn. or Massachusetts. And whoever wins the Dem. nomination will likely be the next Governor. DAMMIT…..

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