“An Airless Storm” is published!

The second book in my “Cochrane’s Company” trilogy, “An Airless Storm“, is now available in e-book format on Amazon.  A dead tree edition will follow within a few weeks.

The blurb reads:

Andrew Cochrane and his mercenaries have warded off a deadly onslaught by asteroid thieves. Now they’re riding high, buying more ships and looking for more contracts.

However, the criminal Brotherhood isn’t about to accept defeat – not after Cochrane’s Company killed their Patriarch. They’re out to rebuild, rearm, and get revenge.

What started as a simple patrol job in a deserted binary star system explodes into a multi-planetary arms race, with survival on the line!

I hope you enjoy this book even more than you did the first in the series, “The Stones of Silence“, published last month.  The third and final book in the trilogy, “The Pride of the Damned”, will be published next month.

As always, please leave a review on Amazon when you’ve read the book.  Reader reviews are the lifeblood of independent authors, in the absence of a publisher’s marketing and public relations services.




  1. 5 star review posted on Amazon UK. One benefit of living in the UK, get to read the book earlier 🙂

    Now, about all those other books you're in the process of writing…..

  2. Already bought and reading.

    Say Peter, can I ask you a question? I don't suppose you ever watched the show the A-Team from the 80's?


    Your books seem to really remind me of that show in many ways.

    If you aren't familiar with it, might I respectfully suggest that you might enjoy it.

  3. Really fun!

    Actual serious consequences for the good guys.

    But…"There are seventeen stars in a two-hundred-kilometer sphere."

    That'll get fixed, I'm sure.

  4. @D.J.: AAAAARRGH!!! All that proofreading, and I missed that!

    Already fixed. Updates should be automatic.


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