…and with a bound, she was free!

If anybody actually believes that Hillary Clinton deliberately broke no laws by using her private e-mail server, and that her actions did not rise to the level of being prosecutable, I have this bridge in Brooklyn, NYC I’d like to sell you.  Cash only, please, and in small bills.

I remind you that Gen. David Petraeus was prosecuted for offenses involving classified information that were much less serious than Hillary Clinton’s.  Once again, the Establishment has looked after one of its own.

If the American people vote, later this year, for this woman to be their President, they deserve all they get – and she’ll make damned sure they get it!  The only trouble is, those of us with more sense, who recognize her for what she is, are going to get it too – unless Divine Providence intervenes and/or the American people come to their senses and elect someone – anyone! – else.  (We can then also hope that whoever it is will ‘clean house’ in the [In]Justice Department, and deal firmly with those who ignore both law and justice in their dealings with scions of the Establishment – not to mention the rest of us!)


EDITED TO ADD:  Karl Denninger sums it up in his usual, inimitable fashion in these two posts:

They say it all. Go read them.


  1. "If the American people vote, later this year, for this woman to be their President, they deserve all they get – and she'll make damned sure they get it!"


    Sadly, this is accurate.

  2. I dare say for the past several presidential election cycles it honestly didn't matter who won. Both major candidates were from the bi-factional ruling party, The Establishment. This time there is at least a slight glimmer of hope with Trump. Maybe he'll betray our nation like his predecessors have but he's at least saying the right things now when his predecessors didn't even bother lying and were up front about how hard they were gonna screw us. Most of all the prospect of a Hillary Rodham presidency and a feckless cuckgress and radicalized judiciary is almost too horrific to contemplate. Like him or not, Trump is the closest thing we have to a dagger to the throat of The Establishment and Deep State and probably our last chance to at least slow them down.

  3. Words of caution – "It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." Joseph Stalin

    So do you KNOW, who is counting your vote?

    There will be election fraud come November.

  4. From Facebook. "Today, I took my civil test for naturalization. I was sitting with all the other applicants who came to this country legally, despite all of the legal hoops, to make a better life. The news was on, and we were watching Comey give his report on Clinton…
    There I was, the South African, speaking with a Mother of 4 from Mexico, an attorney from Venezuela, and a Greek student. Flabbergasted. All of us with a feeling of deja vu. We have seen this before. We know what happens when politicians are above the law. We know what it is like to watch your country crumble before your very eyes because of corruption.
    We also know the heartache of having to leave your country and everything you know because you fear for your safety and that of your children. You will always be a foreigner in a new country, despite your love, loyalty and gratitude toward that country. But, in 20 years, where will Americans go? Who will be America's America?
    I don't care which party you support. If you can't see that today was a sad day for this country, then you are a fool."

  5. "Equality before the law" has been on life support for a while now…but yesterday it flatlined. And there's no way to resuscitate it. God help us.

  6. Sadly that shit right there is why you guys are gonna get Trump. The trouble with Trump is that nobody knows what he's actually going to do. I wish you all luck.

  7. Yep we've jumped in to Brexit blind and I think the USA is about to jump in to a Trump Presidency blind.
    Good luck with that and I hope the USA is big enough to see off the Global Financial Markets because they are really trying to punish us for having the audacity to say I want my Country Back. But hey at least it was a US Citizen who let Hillary off, in the UK that honor goes to the European Court of Justice, a bit like Mexican Judges in Mexico City telling the US that Hillary is innocent. But hey apparently we're the nut cases.

  8. Really can't understand Americans. Here, in Europe, we upbraid our politicians when they use public property for private use- they do that quite often. H.Clinton – vice versa – you condemn her for public use of private server ?!? What a mess 🙂

    Choice of president in USA is bad vs worse, fantastic opportunity !

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