Angelo Codevilla hits the nail on the head yet again


We’ve met Prof. Angelo Codevilla in these pages on several occasions.  He’s one of the few commenters on American society and politics whom I trust absolutely.  His track record of analytical honesty and accuracy is impeccable.

He’s just hit another one out of the park, analyzing what the 2020 election has revealed about our society – and who rules (or intends to rule) us.  It builds on several of his previous articles.

By its campaign and conduct of the 2020 election, the ruling class ceased pretending to be part of a constitutional republic. By treating fellow Americans as inferiors through word and deed, its members renounced their common citizenship with us. Eschewing persuasion, they set about compelling obedience to an openly manipulated election. 

Thus did they burn their bridges to the rest of America as surely as did Hernán Cortéz when he burned the ships that had carried his troops to conquer the Aztec empire. Henceforth, they must rule or ruin as the oligarchy they have become.

. . .

Arguably the American country class’ principal mistake between 2016 and 2020 was to suppose that the Left was actually after Trump, rather than set about crushing them and killing the American regime. 

When those at the top of American communications’ food chain, the folks at the New York Times, said openly that they would put truth aside during the noble fight against Trumpism, when the news industry shamelessly purveyed obviously incredible stories about Trump’s alleged Russia collusion; when they shamelessly purveyed obviously unsourced rumor as truth; when they seconded officials’ using classified information as a shield and sword against conservatives; when corporations and even government agencies began to require that employees attend brainwashing sessions; when communications companies—especially Google, Facebook, and Twitter—began mathematically to discriminate against conservative communications; when the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives’ proposed legislation would have mandated voting by mail and ballot harvesting—severing the link between any ballot and the voter’s will or even existence—conservatives imagined that this was mere hardball politics within a republican context. Not so.

. . .

And then Election Night. As predicted, election officials in places controlled by the Left stopped counting until it was clear how many ballots it would take for Trump to be defeated. The requisite number came, filled out by no one knows who. And then . . . who wouldn’t have predicted it? The call came from all of society’s commanding heights: Trump’s defeat had been declared. By whom? By the folks on these varied heights—certainly not by the authorities designated by the Constitution to decide who wins and loses. 

But the more instances of fraud the Trump campaign sought to investigate, the louder and from more sources sounded the judgment that there was nothing to investigate. It had been decided. You peons shut up and obey.

That is how oligarchies work.

What may be done about this is another story. But the story’s premise is that it must begin with the realization that the conservative more-or-less half of American life is living under an alien regime that means to continue harming us socially and morally just as much as economically. Plainly, we find ourselves in a (mostly not yet violent) state of war. The beginning of such safety as we may work out for ourselves is to regard our rulers as they regard us.

There’s more at the link.  Please read Prof. Codevilla’s article in full.  It’s eye-opening . . . and, I fear, all too accurate.

Those who still insist that no electoral fraud took place in 2020 are living in cloud cuckoo land.



  1. Is there anyplace on the internet where someone has compiled a list of all of the individuals that comprise this oligopoly? I would like to see this list.

  2. "By its campaign and conduct of the 2020 election, the ruling class ceased pretending to be part of a constitutional republic. By treating fellow Americans as inferiors through word and deed, its members renounced their common citizenship with us."

    Hence the term "technofeudalism" that has been used recently. The nobility is reminding the peasantry that we exist at their whim, to serve their needs.

  3. We have had all mail in voting plus unrestricted ballot harvesting here in Colorado for a while, and it's been obvious for the last 4 years that we have elected our last Republicans. Only in the hinterlands do they still get elected, and by creeping the corruption into those areas, soon the electorate will become conditioned to seeing only Democrats in elective office.

    This last presidential election was over when Pelosi pushed through all mail in voting. The rest was merely window dressing. Having "voted" our way into this mess, the only option left is to shoot our way put I'm afraid.

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