1. The woman is a congenital liar.
    She looked the friends and family of those brave men killed in Benghazi in the eye and lied through her teeth, not because of any issue of national security, but because the truth would have affected her boss in his run for reelection.
    She directed her organization to implement an unsecured private e-mail system to isolate her activities from FOIA requests, then allowed top secret/SAP classified information to be hosted on those servers hard drives. That information was certainly exposed to and most likely accessed by foreign governments. How much damage has been done may take years to discover.
    And then we have her attempts to threaten, intimidate, and trash the reputations of the victims of her husband's sexual violations. How can any person with the least of moral principles on the one hand claim to champion womans' rights while sweeping Billy Boy's actions under a rug to protect his and her reputation and lifestyle?

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