Antifa hasn’t gone away – they’re more organized than ever


Divemedic provides some very useful intelligence on Antifa’s level of organization.

The particular unit he seems to have been affiliated with is the Florida Youth Liberation Front. The Front claims to have chapters in Oregon, Washington, California, Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, New York, and Washington, DC, as well as in Canada. The Washington state version of the Front is known to have been around since 2018. The Florida chapter was formed in 2020.

They appear to be centrally controlled at the national level, and the different chapters coordinate their actions. The Portland chapter provides training for members of other chapters.

Their online presence is hosted by This webpage is set up for insurgent groups. This platform caters to far-left causes, stating that it exists for the purpose of “connecting radical people.”

They use the crowdfunding platform GiveButter to collect donations. They use the messaging app Telegram to communicate, and include instructions on how to setup an anonymous account on their blog. Email is handled through

Their Twitter feed is not open to the public, but Twitter seems to have no problem allowing a group that advocates for violence, as long as that group is on the left.

One common theme I found on every site is the desire for the violent overthrow of government. I don’t understand how these guys’ meetings aren’t attended by a dozen cops. Every other criminal enterprise in the nation has been infiltrated to the point where they have more cops than real members, but these guys? This HAS to indicate some kind of government support. Reading the group’s website, and especially their “ezine” is fairly instructive.

The Front is broken down into smaller “affinity groups,” who operate at the local level. These groups participate in sabotage, vandalism, and other violent acts, which they call “direct actions.” This is a classic cell structure that has proven to be quite effective.

Other Antifa-affiliated groups claim they are not connected to YLF, but other left-wing extremist groups have shared the Front’s propaganda on social media, and YLF shares their propaganda and event announcements. The wording, images, and tactics are similar enough to indicate a common controlling entity at some level.

The Front explicitly discourages peaceful protest. In June 2020, the Front advised protesters that they “can never be peaceful” if it means complying with police demands.

There’s more at the link, including links to the Web sites of many of the organizations he references.

I think we owe Divemedic a vote of thanks for the amount of work he did to put this together.  It’s very valuable intelligence, and all of us who may encounter Antifa and their ilk in our areas should be studying it, following the links he provides, and figuring out who the individuals and organizations are that we should be keeping an eye on (and preparing to act against if necessary).

Forewarned is forearmed.



  1. "More organized than ever" for them is still an abysmally low bar, usually used with herds of cats.

    They're still amateurs by any measure, just a herd of Useful Idiot Amateurs.

    Dangerous in the majority, but with commitment running to about one good right cross, or a kneecap.

    Every time they meet serious resistance, they crumble.

    Find the field leaders, and target them.

    1. And is still more organized and cohesive than any patriot group is allowed to be.

      They also have people bank rolling as well as both tacit and possibly direct government support

  2. Boomer mental masturbation, if y'all'll pardon my french. At least they have some level of organization. The right has zero, and half of the folks that are part of any sort of organization are Feds. If things get spicy I think we're in for a rougher time than most readers think.

    The government apparatus is aimed at the right, supply chains are being disrupted, healthcare is being reserved for not-Americans, inflation is cranking up, and the level of moral rot in rural areas is unbelievable (mainly drug us). We are behind the curve by a country mile. I think Michael Yon is less crazy by the day.

  3. The British army regulars were the most disciplined army in the entire world; the American colonial militia were a bunch of wholly undisciplined rabble.

    So, how'd that work out for the British on the road home from Concord Bridge?

    Antifa, even "highly organized", is going to work like gangbusters – right up until the first shots ring out – and then they're going to look like the French Army in 1940.

    At that point, the best-disciplined Antifatards will only die first, because they didn't run flat out.

    No small number of people at the other end of the firing range have actual experience in actual disciplined military forces, and many of those have already seen the elephant.

    Most of Antifa hasn't even been to the zoo.

    I'm still not impressed by anything I see nor read about Antifa.

    But they're going to get one helluva practical education on what MOA accuracy means the minute rounds start flying. About a minute later, they're going to set land speed records for foot-borne withdrawal.
    What's going to confuse the crap out of them is when they finally figure out half the rounds are coming from behind them as well as in front, and they realize there's no safe space to which they can retreat.

    Piss-stained Levis aren't a substitute for kevlar, at that point.

  4. JoshO – the reason for so many 'medics' is that they think nobody will beat up or shoot a medic. Doesn't mean their medics won't beat up or shoot someone else.

    Don't trust a single one of them.

    And the most dangerous? The innocent-looking one standing on the side taking video, often with 'press' tags. Those are the shot-callers. The leaders. The ones who aim the roughnecks at people. Look for someone in black with associated symbols on them, but standing to the side, usually smoking, and with a phone up, and with earbuds or bluetooth (to another phone sometimes.) You see it in every video of Antifa. And in every video where some Antifa member hits some innocent person or attacks some innocent person. The 'press' shows up first, scouts the target, aims the attack unit, and videos the whole thing and watches out for any response by the cops or civilians.

  5. Aesop,

    The minutemen at Lexington and Concord didn't materialize out of thin air. There was local organization that alerted them to British movements (The mechanics, Paul Revere) and then coordinated their movements to the greens at both sites and then along the British march back. None of that exists today and is extremely difficult to develop under fire and at short notice. The British objective at both towns was the seizure and destruction of stocks of arms and powder. Can you imagine the Federal reaction if the right began stockpiling weapons and ammo? We already know the left and it's criminal allies are. Can you imagine how the Feds would react if there was a real convention of the states that would be able to declare independence or organize resistance? It'd be a combination of the Gretchen Whitmer case, Waco, and Ruby Ridge. Shut down fast.

    There is a serious level of cognitive dissonance between what conservatives think they can do, and what the enemy is capable of. Arrogance. Mental masturbation.

    If the right is so full of trigger puller that will stack communist bodies, where are they> There is no Triarii. There is no militia. We are vulnerable as hell and too arrogant to see it.

    1. Helm, good points but let's not imagine that this plays out like 1775. (And even they took years of Brit abuses to get colonists to that point). The modern version will likely look more like 1930s Spain, where the Gangster government continues to push further into totalitarianism and patriots finally start developing social networks for mutual support. And by that i mean just survival at first, local farmers markets, home schools, repairs, etc… From that can grow local security. As the gangsters get more desperate one of two things will happen: 1) state governors will grow a pair and states will start nullifying the #^#^ out of federal mandates, or 2) the People will put in someone who will. Either way it will be a showdown between states and feds. And the feds don't have the muscle to do civil war 2 electric Boogaloo. They have the deep state goons, sure, but the military isn't going to be marching on Tallahassee or Austin.

      Antifa? Only useful against Trump ans that day is gone. They might be sent to beat up patriot rallies in theory but who's doing rallies anymore? We're past that now.

  6. @USS Helm,

    It doesn't take anything to coordinate loading and firing a weapon at a mob.

    "Can you imagine the Federal reaction if the right began stockpiling weapons and ammo?"

    Newsflash for ya,buddy: They're about 600M weapons and 2T rounds of ammo late on that party. React? What, by peeing their pants? It is to laugh.

    Antifa was stood off in MO by one armed couple, and in Kenosha by a single 17 y.o.

    It's impossible to underestimate how powerless Antifa is, outside of a friendly blue hive. And if they escalate, the math gets really, really bad for them, in an awful hurry.

    The only ones mentally masturbating are their would-be leaders.

    If one and two people stop them (and it has), the prospect of what so few as four people could do should have them wetting themselves.

    Antifa is a sideshow of freaks, nothing more nor less.

    Their handlers are the problem.

  7. We should remember to never underestimate the other side. For 50 plus years I've heard the same things. The left is weak. They'll crumble. Etc… During that time who made more progress? Like it or not. Pride kills.

    Plus, if you're serious about winning, it is about deception. When weak, look strong. When strong, look weak.

    I'd rather over estimate them due to the consequences of being wrong. A little "egg on the face" is better than the alternative.

  8. The year before last at the pique of Antifag's burning and looting a large contingent of them came to Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. Their trucks and vans were loaded with bricks, bats, cocktails and other implements of destruction.
    They were greeted by a couple of hundred rifle carrying patriots. At one point a police officer walked up to one of the patriots and said, 'it looks like you have this handled. We'll go do our other police work.'
    Not one window was broken, not one shop was looted. Some of the loaded vehicles were abandoned: the frozen water bottles melted.
    Needless to say, not one word about this ever reached the national news.

    Jis sayin…..

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