Antifa picked a fight with Austin, TX police. That wasn’t a good idea.

Last weekend Antifa protesters went on their usual potty-mouthed, profane way in Austin, TX.  Unfortunately for them, Texas police are less tolerant of being sworn at, pushed, shoved and punched than some of their law enforcement brethren in more liberal states.  Some of the protesters found that out the hard way.

I hope they learned from that experience – but I doubt it . . . I also hope they never try the same nonsense in the part of Texas where I live. Last time there was an attempt to arrange an Antifa demonstration in these parts, a local law enforcement agency broke out its 3-foot-long riot batons and gleefully issued them to everyone, along with encouragement to remember their training in how to use them. Things went down right peacefully after that!



  1. Someone gonna get fired. Austin is a very Progressive town so you know the mayor issued stand down orders to the police.

    Or maybe the meme has changed for Progressive politicians since Charlotte. The governor and mayor there have a problem. Given the news blackout, I would surmise the kid in the car isn't so much a terrorist but rather a scared kid panicked by a crowd attacking his car. A tragedy for both the woman killed and the kid, but the proximate cause the stand down order by the governor and mayor

  2. Those looked like DPS officers(State Patrol)and not Austin cops. Assaulting a police officer is a felony. These little creeps should be charged, tried, and sentenced to a Texas prison. I live in Texas and believe me the LAST place I would EVER want to be is in one of our prisons.

  3. Han. those are DPS. No APD involved.

    Which means no lefty/progressive Austin City Council to stop them. And OUR Governor? Hah. He probably got some popcorn and watched a live feed.

    Good. Because those terrorists need to be shut down. Texas needs to invoke it's anti-klan laws to arrest people wearing masks.

  4. Hey Peter;

    Antifa like any communist organization relies as Mao stated in his little red book "A guerrilla will swim with the peasants". As long as antifa riots in liberal friendly areas because the politicians will give them political cover. Not so much on conservative areas, although Austin is very liberal as I understand.

  5. DPS troopers are usually calm, and collected, which shows in their behavior. I'm sure if they tried it anywhere other than liberal Austin, the ANTIFA asswipes would find they need a few stitches, or a next of kin.

  6. I live in San Antonio, but didn't hear anything about this. In another part of Texas, this wouldn't be called a riot, it would be called a "target rich environment". Try this crap in west Texas and they won't even find the face masks.

  7. Dear Antifa snowflakes,

    You really, REALLY need to realize something. To the average Joe, YOU are fascists. Remember, your typical blue collar guy likes watching History Channel programs about WWII, or reading books about same. Yes, reading. I know your leaders told you that the Unwashed don't read. They lied.

    So, these rednecks have read about the Fascist and Nazi early days street fighters. The Italian Black Shirts and German Brown Shirts (the SA). They know that fascist movements use masked and armed street fighters to impose their ideology.

    And – and this is the important part – THAT'S YOU. YOU are masked and armed street thugs, trying to intimidate people into toeing the Party Line. YOU are the fascists. And, pay attention chuckles (slaps head), people are going to react to YOU as you say they should react to fascists.

    So, numbnuts, you are asking for a curb stomping.

    So, sweetheart, you really ought to go home and take up knitting.

  8. I miss the good old days of breaking out the batons and playing hippie hockey. They all knew we'd do it so they never dared act like that. This behavior was encouraged by years of restraint, which they've taken for weakness.

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