At the heart of the 2016 presidential election

I’m not a Republican.  I’m not even a conservative in the classic sense – I’m much closer to small-ell libertarian.  However, I think Neil Schnurr has put his finger on the only important thing in the Republican party’s nomination contest.

Illegal immigration is the only issue that matters in [the] upcoming presidential election.  If we don’t get a handle on this, conservatives will never win a presidential election again – if the dead can vote you can sure bet that illegals can too.  Once our government grants them amnesty (and you know it will, one way or another), it’s all over, and then we won’t even be able to win any senate, congressional, or gubernatorial elections.

It doesn’t matter if Trump does not meet all of the criteria you deem necessary to be the ideal candidate.  He’s the only one putting a priority on ending illegal immigration.

I don’t want to hear you say that he won’t be able to do it either.  At least he says he’s going to end it.  What are the chances that someone who can’t even bring himself (or herself) to say that they will make ending illegal immigration a number one priority being able to end it?

If we don’t end illegal immigration soon, not only will none of the other issues ever be solved, they won’t even matter because the United States of America (as we know it) will cease to exist.

The house is on fire.  Let’s put out the fire first.  Then we can worry about other improvements.

Well said, Mr. Schnurr.  Well said indeed.  I think Mr. Trump is a profoundly flawed candidate . . . but he’s the only candidate ‘taking point’ on this issue.  The polls show clearly that his stand has made him a front-runner in the minds of the American people, even if not the Republican party establishment – which shows no sign of learning anything from the public’s reaction.



  1. Hmmm… I'm still not sure if Trump is even 100% serious about wanting to be president… Personally I would prefer if Cruz (who seems to be the only remaining semi-conservative in the race with some support) would co-opt Trump's stance on immigration and commit to it. And then Trump could get behind Cruz and throw his support to him.

    Ronald Reagan wasn't a lifelong politician either, but he had had experience as governor of California. That's important. "I will hire good people" doesn't do all that much to reassure me.

  2. I was at the point where if I could get 80% of what I wanted; I could put up with the other stinky 20%. Now I've let it slip to 60/40.

  3. I too tend small l libertarian, or in Heinlein's terms a rational anarchist. IMHO all government is evil, but some small part is a necessary evil to allow we contrary folks to manage to live in close proximity to one another.
    Much as apparently do a majority of Americans, I like that Trump speaks his mind and raises issues everyone else has tiptoed quietly past for far too long. I like that he is not part of the current good old boy political machine, but in the end I fully expect that is what will terminate his candidacy. He is simply too much of a loose cannon for the vested interests to want to deal with.
    Jeb was obviously the establishment pick all along. Somewhat surprised how quickly the bloom fell off that rose. Sad to see Walker go. May be a small chance he gets tapped for VP, though there does seem to be an incredible level of animosity against him in some quarters.
    I could get behind a Crua/Fiorino ticket. Still a long way off.
    What we absolutely cannot tolerate is any significant block of right leaning voters deciding to stay home for this one. Did it twice and look what that did to our country. Happens again and the only thing left is to hunker down and invest in precious metals: copper, brass, and lead.

  4. Actually, I don't agree that immigration is such a key issue from a national security perspective, although it is a hot topic politically. Immigration has been falling consistently falling each year since 2007. It makes sense – our economy is struggling, so we are less attractive.

    While we need to control our borders, the more critical issue for this country is to address our out-of-control entitlement spending. Note that dealing with that would also go a long way toward dealing with illegal immigration. If they can't get free handouts, they won't be nearly as likely to come.

    If we don't get our fiscal house in order, we will destroy ourselves long before illegals could come close to doing so.

  5. @Mike

    It's not that immegration by itself is a National Security issue, but the fact that things are so loose that no-resource illegal immegrants routinely cross the border shows that there is nothing to stop people actively hostile from doing the same. That is a National Security issue.

    As for entitlements vs immegration. I agree that they are related, and in more than just the direction you are pointing out.

    Illegals come and work (and to get the benefits), but if they weren't doing the low-wage jobs that need to get done, the people currently on welfare could/should fill those positions (at least once the perverse incentives that pushing people for getting a low income job instead of relying entirely on welfare get resolve)

  6. We have a problem in the US~~ massive numbers of illegal (sneaking in, claiming asylum need vs fixing own country, came I student/work visa and stayed after it expired).
    As I see it Trump is the only one even talking the hemorrhaging of these illegal into our country.
    Americans are scared and Angry . .
    Trump will win because he is the only one willing to name the problem and state a plan.

  7. Trump ran because Bill Clinton encouraged him to do so. Nuff said.

    Trump is not the only candidate talking about immigration, or any other issue. Trump's "over-the-top" personality is like a shiny lure to a fish. The media is biting, and so are the smaller fish (voters). Notice how Trump was given more time than the others in the last debate? Hmm. Wonder why?

    Trump talks but doesn't walk. Remember Bill Clinton. Don't be bamboozled.

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