But(t) why???

I’m a little taken aback by some of the latest consumer products – this one, for example.

A few questions:

  1. Why?  I mean, what’s the point of scented toilet paper?  If it’s just hanging in your bathroom, it won’t do much.  It has to be moved to give off its scent – such as when you’re actually using it – but at that time, any pleasant smell it may have is rapidly going to be overlaid by a rather stronger odor, one that’s anything but as pleasant!
  2. Why mulled spice?  Anything coming out of your nether regions is definitely going to be ‘mulled over’, as it were;  so this may be a poor choice of words.  Besides, do you really want your fundamental jujube to smell like something seasonal from Starbucks?
  3. Patterned as well as scented?  Just who or what, precisely, is going to get a look at it down there?  I mean, the ‘third eye’ is supposed to be “a spiritual concept associated with enlightenment and direct communication with a higher plane of existence“.  That doesn’t usually involve the ‘eye’ one associates with TP!

Perhaps I’m too simple-minded for this stuff . . .




  1. I saw some toilet paper that really made me wonder. Home Depot had it next to the registers, sold by the single roll.

    It's not that a roll of Charmin was going for $1. It's who, on God's green earth, buys just ONE roll of TP? I know many of our fellow humans don't plan ahead at all, but seriously? Just ONE roll? That's raising living for the moment to new and astonishingly troubling heights.

  2. Heh.

    Reminds me of the time when my daughter managed to talk me into buying pink, scented Hello Kitty toilet paper.

    That said, there clearly are noticeable differences in useful quality with toilet paper, and they don't seem to correlate to pricing much.

  3. I can see the single roll, construction workers building new houses have to use the porta-potty and the may want "their" personal supply. The profit margin for most of the stuff at checkouts is way higher.

  4. My guess this is for folks who completely decorate their homes for Christmas. If it was only packaged in a few rolls I'd have thought hosting a Christmas party. Please don't let my German born mother-in-law see this product.(grin)

  5. I saw gluten free (meat) dog snacks. [Eyeroll].

    I can see that to that has Obama or Hilary face or any politician's picture for that matter. Fair is fair. They shit on their constituents on a daily basis.

  6. A very good – and core-essentially-intelligent – friend and sometime-business associate of mine when I was living in MI would look at something like that, turn and eye me, shake his head in mild, slightly-mocking sorrow, and say (in a moderately-scathing tone), "Rich country America…"

    As for me – I buy toilet tissue by the bale, at Costco…roughly 4 times a year. That serves two indoor facilities, for two reasonably-normal adults, plus occasional usage by visitors (including the occasional actual-relative). Ours is NOT a "Designer" household, I s'pose…

    There are more than enough utterly-useless items cluttering-up the landscape of "modern civilization" – no compulsion hereabouts to aid or abet such.

  7. I remember there was colored, scented toilet paper back in the late 70s and early 80s. I was a kid and didn't think much about it but I seem to remember women folk complaining about irritation or something. As for myself we segregate bathrooms at my house. Mine is my own and the women and guests have another. I buy a couple of big packages and stuff the drawers and space under the sink with it-done for months. I think the wife buys fancier grade. The outhouse (yup we have an outhouse as well as indoor plumbing) generally gets a bucket full of nice soft fuzzy field corn cobs. Really quite comfortable and work as well if not better than paper tissue plus they have a built in handle.

  8. I once saw TP impregnated with aloe vera and laughed and laughed there in the store aisle. Then I started thinking, what if my *ahem* is aloe vera deficient? What then? Some marketing is pernicious!

  9. When I would go to Sainsbury's or Tesco, the bog roll selection always seemed more complicated than it should be.

    I always wound up with whatever the cheapest unbranded version of decently non-abrasive two-ply would be, regardless of what brand was Sainsbury's, Tesco, or even Andrex.

    I haven't seen this before now, but this sounds horrible — it's probably full of hexyl cinnamal, just like English Leather bar soap, which I'm also horribly allergic to.

    In fact, that soap is probably where someone got this horrible idea …

    What's next, Old Spice for Men bog roll? 🙂

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