Caution – evil genius at work!


Oh, the fun we could have with this suggestion . . .

AntiFa patches and black bloc merch can be found online at Etsy

and Amazon of all places…

Couple of bux, and a set of all black BDUs and voila!  Instant Blac-Bloc.

They do False Flags.

We can too.

Jes’ Sayin’.

Now there’s an idea . . . one that’s clearly occurred to some of the reviewers on Amazon, too.

However, I suggest we don’t try such tactics in Texas.  Cops here have a somewhat spirited response to Antifa and their ilk, unlike more politically correct authorities in some blue states.  On the other hand, we can enjoy the view while they deal with them . . .



  1. I just heard a report from a local who lives west of town. In his words "Between the homeless everywhere and the riots the entire downtown (his words) is trashed. Graffiti everywhere, windows boarded up, most restaurants closed including 4 star locations." Nobody says boo to the rioters and the city council doesn't support proper suppressive measures by the police because they don't want to be burned out in retaliation. They are getting what they voted for good and hard.

    I'm glad my nephew is out of there.

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