Demonstrations and the average American

If you think those anti-Trump demonstrations popping up like weeds all across America (and organized and funded by the progressive left) don’t affect you, you might want to think again.  Courtesy of Vox, here’s a graphic illustration of what I mean.  Click the image for a larger view.

Word (or, in this case, cartoon).  Progressives are equal opportunity haters.  (So are some on the right wing of politics, of course . . . but they’re not out there rioting and demonstrating right now.)

Oh – and in case you still believe the lie that these are ‘spontaneous’ and ‘local’ protests . . . here’s how the demonstrators are getting there.



  1. I know how much it costs to charter buses, at least in my area – about $1500 and up, depending on time and distance. That's some serious money being spent right there. Great for the bus companies, though!

  2. Over at Wirecutters place(Knuckledraggin my Life Away) there's a thread where folks have posted the various Craigslist ads for these paid rioters–offering 1500$ to "resist Trump". Like to know where all the money is coming from. Clintons? Tides Foundation? George Soros? or the DNC?

  3. Huh, man I should get in on that. Seriously 1500 bucks? Not like the demonstrations going to change a darn thing.

  4. It's astroturf for the media to create a narrative reality.

    Did you honestly think they would change? All that network of pollsters, action groups, elites, and the establishment is still there.

    They are off balance, but once a game plan firms up they will be back with a full court press.

    This is why the #TrumpTrain must not stop. Keep fighting, keep supporting, keep meme'ing, and grant no mercy. No unity. No gracious acceptance. The establishment is not going to stop. The other side counts on your mercy and willingness to get along.

    The message is that "They" will get along with us, on our agenda. Period.

  5. These demonstrations do not seem any more spontanious than many Trump rallies during the campaign.

    As one one of the "They" of which there were 2M or so more than the Trump voters VFM 7916, I've seen enough in this world to not count on anything but lies, untruths and manipulation from all political sides if they can manage it.

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