Does this … thing … even qualify as a human being?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the self-proclaimed “professor” who called on police to assault a speaker at NYU:

Turns out she’s a liar, not a professor. She’s also the inventor of something called “lobster porn”. Here she is in full cry (if lobsters cry, that is):

I don’t intend to give her any more space in this blog than I have to.  If you’d like to read more about her, here’s a selection:

So . . . she’s a liar, a porn performer with what appears to be grotesquely poor artistic sense (not to mention a total absence of anything resembling basic morals or ethics), and froths at the mouth when confronted with anyone whose views and perspectives on life differ from hers.

Does she have any redeeming features whatsoever?  And, yes, I ask that as a retired pastor, even though that may shock some people.  I can find nothing in this woman (?) that demonstrates even a tiny spark of real, sincere humanity;  therefore, why should we concede her that status?  To me, her actions (and what are passed off as her thoughts) appear to classify her along with any and every other rabid animal.  Am I missing something here?

If this . . . thing . . . is an example of what Hillary Clinton would have represented had she won the Presidential election last year, I can only give devout and most grateful thanks that she lost!  It looks like America has some house-cleaning to do, before the stench of putrid, unwashed lobster becomes unbearable!



  1. I keep hearing about a Trump Muslim ban but when I look it up non of these country's are even in the top five for Muslim population – its a rubbish Muslin ban.

    Iran is at no. 6 with 74,819,000
    Sudan is at no. 10 with 39,027,950
    Iraq is at no. 12 with 31,108,000
    Yemen is at no. 17 with 24,023,000
    Syria is at no. 19 with 20,895,000
    Somalia is at no. 28 with 9,231,000
    Libya is at no. 37 with 6,325,000
    Somalia is at no. 28 with 9,231,000

    TOTAL 205,428,950

    As I said rubbish Muslin ban, he could have just banned Indonesia at no. 1 with 204,847,000 banded all most as many Muslims as these 7 country's put to together. I have also found out that some of the people who a banded are – weight for it – not Muslims.
    So the one thing we can say is President Trump has brought about a rubbish Muslin ban (if it was a Muslin ban which it must be as the news keeps telling us it is, and they would not lie would they?).

  2. She's a professor!

    In life I find that the people who have two keep telling every one what they are fall into two groups, liars or some one who does it but is rubbish at it (they get payed for it so are profession – it just means that they are payed to do it not that they are any good – but far from being an expert).

  3. Dunno what redeeming values she may have. Do you think she'd go well with drawn butter and maybe a squeeze of lemon?

  4. Remind today's snowflakes about how the ACLU once defended the right of Nazis to march in Skokie, Illinois, a predominantly Jewish community, because First Amendment and Rights, and watch their little pin heads explode.

  5. Of course you aren't, The Wraith. Huma is. Right after she finishes snacking on Cankles.

    And by the way, that "thing" qualifies as the epitome of ladyness in the Big Craphole.

  6. I did not need that image rattling around inside my brain pan tonight. I guess that's what I get for looking at blogs just before bed.

  7. I can tolerate furries, but arthropods? That's beyond the pail — no, really, she crawled out all by herself…

  8. Some people? Their only redeeming feature is to act as a bad example. I do believe you have exhibit A right there.

  9. This idiot reminds me of one of my personal precepts;

    No one free of inhibitions is fit for polite society. Please develop some.

    Obviously tragically underspanked in childhood.

  10. Oh come on now guys! I mean, a weird fish dresses up as a lobster to give you a better meal, and you're bitchin'???

    Whattaya want, anyway? Caviar? I suspect she'd be willing to do THAT as well…

    And in that video where she insists that she's a professor, she sure does look like a cooked lobster to me…

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