Doofus Of The Day #837

Today’s award goes to a dim-witted stickup artist in Australia.

A quick-thinking service station attendant has outsmarted an armed robber in Melbourne’s north.

The bungling bandit entered the Bundoora business at 3am on Monday, threatening the attendant with a hammer and a knife.

The attendant convinced him to go outside and wait for cash from the ATM.

Once the robber was outside the Plenty Road business, the attendant locked the doors and called the police.

Officers who responded found the offender still standing outside the doors, waiting for his money.

I bet he was still clinging to the ATM, waiting for his money, as they handcuffed him and dragged him away . . .


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  1. LOL! When Jennifer worked at the bank, there were stories of someone trying to rob another branch from the drive-through. Obviously, they simply locked the doors and called the police.

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