Doofus Of The Day #897

Today’s award goes to an overexposed Lothario in Germany.

Cops near the French border were conducting routine road checks when they stopped a man who who was making the most of the freedom of the open road.

To the officers’ surprise, when they peered in the window of the delivery van, they realized the man was completely naked.

His explanation was logical enough. He was on his way to a brothel, a place where clothes are generally dispensed with quite rapidly.

On being questioned as to why he didn’t wait till he arrived to disrobe, the man couldn’t provide an answer.

More troubling to police was the fact that the man had no driver’s licence. He was told he would have to continue his journey on foot – but only after he’d put his clothes back on.

There’s more at the link.

What a time for a license check – particularly since licentious behavior was very much on his mind!


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