Doofus Of The Day #997

Today’s award goes to the members of the Missouri state legislature who sponsored and/or support this proposed bill.

A bill pending in the state House would designate July 7 as Missouri Sliced Bread Day. Supporters say the day is needed to promote tourism in the northern Missouri city of Chillicothe, where the first commercially sliced bread was sold on July 7, 1928.

There’s more at the link.

“Sliced Bread Day”???  Really???  What’s next – “Disposable Diaper Day”?  “Breakfast Cereal Day”?  “Pre-Toasted Coffee Beans Day” (in honor of the Arbuckle brothers, of course)?

Why can’t politicians stick to what’s important, instead of wasting time on fripperies, frivolities and gewgaws?



  1. "Why can't politicians stick to what's important, instead of wasting time on fripperies, frivolities and gewgaws?"

    Because its's all about getting re-elected. You are going to piss part of your constituency off, if you do the job you were elected to do.

  2. The roads and bridges are literally falling apart in Missouri, northern Missouri in particular. Property taxes, the school portion anyway, are out of control. We even get an onerous little form in the mail this time of year to fill out which is known as Personal Property Tax. Not a tax on your house or land mind you, but an additional tax on other things you ostensibly own. Your vehicles, boats, airplanes, shop equipment, tractors, machinery, every bushel of grain, every head of cattle, every goat, every sheep, every pig, every bale of hay, every freaking CHICKEN you "own" is subject to Personal Property Tax. The Republicans run the House, the Senate and the Governorship but not a peep about getting rid of crap like the Personal Property Tax, the vehicle inspection racket or reducing the obscene levels of school taxation. You're taxed to death, the state government is a bloated mess, the roads and bridges are a decrepit embarrassment but by God we'll ram through Sliced Bread day if it harelips every cannibal in the Congo!

  3. Are you kidding? This is a great idea! It's the greatest idea since . . . oh . . . I don't know. I can't think of anything to compare it to.

  4. Not to sound cynical, but every day they spend on something like this is a day they're not spending on infringing on liberties or shelling out for something costly.

  5. It’s a bill.

    It’s entirely innocuous and uncontroversial.

    Come election time, it will be part of the count of pieces of legislation this lawmaker sponsored or cosponsored that he will wave about to demonstrate how hard he fights for Missouri’s citizens.

    Hillary Clinton’s entire senate resume is composed of fluff like this.

  6. Why can't politicians stick to what's important, instead of wasting time on fripperies, frivolities and gewgaws?

    Because brainlessness and pandering are default settings for that crowd.

  7. The job of a politician is to get elected. Their entire skill set is composed of ways to get elected. Literally nothing else is of higher importance to the average politician than pandering for votes and raising money.

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