Fauxcahontas again

The blog memes – and the hits – just keep coming for Senator Warren.  I’ve long since lost count of how many there are out there.  Here’s my latest favorite:

Aesop has his own collection over at his blog.  Click over there for some punny fun.

How on earth Senator Warren ever expects to be taken seriously again, I just can’t imagine.  She’s not only painted herself into a wacky, lunatic-fringe corner, she’s pulled it in after her and padlocked the corners together.

Oh, well . . . at least she’s provided some much-needed light-hearted (not to mention light-skinned) entertainment to an American political scene usually lacking that commodity.  Her fame may not be Indian, but it’s undyin’, for sure!



  1. So, why don't you get used to referring to her as Madam President?
    It's frightening that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in this country and she is wholly evil.

  2. Trump played her like a cheap fiddle, and she showed her complete stupidity over the whole thing.

    And HMS Defiant? Curious that the Hills received about the same number of popular votes are there are excess voter registrations over the total number of registered voters. Hmmmm. Can't see any correlation there at all, can we?

  3. The excitement of finding an unexpected bloodline in one's DNA from taking a DNA test should not be underestimated. In that respect, I can understand her interest in this on a personal level.

    However, going so far as to make this public knowledge? Clearly it has been interpreted as a bid for favor from said culture in question. I don't know enough about the situation to be able to discern whether she spread it around with that intent, but obviously it was interpreted that way. So… lesson learned: if you find an unexpected nationality in your DNA test, keep that to yourself, regardless of your excitement. That goes double if you are a public figure, because your comments WILL be taken as a political statement, not as a personal statement.

  4. She came out with a polished video bragging about her "Indian" DNA and bashing Trump for doubting her. For a few days,it seemed like every other Youtube Video had her ad first.

  5. Taking that DNA test was probably the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Announcing the results is a toss up for the stupidest thing as well.

    Talk about handing your opposition a talking point club to beat you with…..

    No matter how the test results would be, unless it came back with a significant percentage of native American heritage Lieawatha would be ridiculed.

    Stupid….Just Stupid……

    Worse, these liberal idiots think they should be in charge….

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