This video report of how the Sergeant-at-Arms of Canada’s House of Commons ended the shooting incident there a few days ago caught my attention.

In case you were wondering what makes the clanking noise as the Sergeant-at-Arms moves down the House of Commons aisle . . . now you know.  Kudos to Mr. Vickers for an outstanding job, very well done.



  1. So, he and the other security forces basicly turned the shooter into swiss cheese. Good show! But I found it ironic the next day, when he was applauded by all the pols who would disarm all Canadians, because he was a GOOD MAN WITH A GUN.

  2. It seems the whole event turned on situational awareness. Vickers knew where the shooter was, and his position, by identifying the protruding gun barrel. This allowed him to choose a line of attack that was out of the perps line of fire.

  3. JohninMD, the Conservatives are the party that scrapped the long gun registry in Canada. It's the opposition parties, the New Democratic Party (marxists) and the Liberals (socialist-kleptocrats) that support gun control, higher taxes, bigger government, etc.

    Actually, Kevin Vickers is not our bravest Sergeant-at-Arms, one of his predecessors was David Currie VC.


  4. Again the point is driven home that militarization of the police is not the answer in protecting the public.
    The most effective deterrent is a competent armed individual already being already present and willing to act. Whether that be Joe Anyperson with a personal protection weapon, or an inconspicuous public safety officer.
    The guys in the Delta Farce costumes had to change outfits (didn't even have time to mount up in the MRAP…) and showed up minutes too late. (Kind of analagous to the police, when there's already an intruder in your house.)

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