How can I get through to law-abiding citizens that THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IS BEING WEAPONIZED AGAINST US???

I’m exasperated almost beyond measure at the seeming inability of some people to recognize that we’re operating in a different environment right now, as far as the justice system is concerned.  With demonstrations, protests and riots breaking out in almost all American cities, law-abiding, upright citizens cannot – dare not – assume any longer that the justice system will recognize them for what they are, and respect their rights, and work to uphold them.  Instead, in far too many jurisdictions in these United States, the justice system has been corrupted.  It’s become biased and politically correct.  It now works to uphold what politicians and pressure groups dictate, not what law and common sense mandate.

I’ve provided many examples in previous articles, most recently yesterday.  I was startled to read comments from some readers of that article protesting their right to act in self-defense, as if nothing had changed in the past year or two.  Folks, things have changed.  We may still be living under the same laws, but they’re no longer being even-handedly applied.  We’re no longer operating in the same legal environment.  Forces on the left are openly campaigning to elect “progressive” prosecutors and District Attorneys, and pouring massive amounts of money into their campaigns.  Thanks to widespread voter apathy and the support of mainstream news media, they’ve succeeded in doing so in several major cities.  Even in Texas, where the laws are very much in favor of law-abiding individuals, there are now prosecutors who openly state that they won’t charge certain categories of “politically correct” offender.  They’re also trying to put legal roadblocks in the way of citizens who defend themselves in accordance with the law.  In so many words, they’re looking to make examples of the latter in an attempt to put pressure on others, to stop them exercising their legal rights.  Prosecution has been politicized.

If you haven’t read these articles yet, please do so (in the order shown) before continuing.  They provide essential background information.

Consider, also, the Kyle Rittenhouse affair in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  What happened is clear, but interpretations of it differ widely depending on the persuasions and perspectives of those offering them.  Much of the evidence – recorded by multiple witnesses on video, from multiple angles – suggests that in fact, Rittenhouse was, indeed, defending himself against unlawful attack.  That will have to be decided by the courts, of course, but already extremists are blackening his name and threatening his life in prison.  Prosecutors appear to be playing political games rather than enforce the laws, because they’re acting against one side only – not the rioters as well, despite their clearly illegal actions.

In so many words, extremists on the left of US politics are trying to use current self-defense cases to fundamentally change US laws and how they’re interpreted in our judicial system.  Archimedes famously said, “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”  The Rittenhouse affair, the McCloskey case (in which prosecutorial bias is also clearly evident), the Zimmerman trial, and others like them are the fulcrums;  pressure from the progressive left, exercised through street demonstrations and protests, are the lever.  Politicians are taking note, and responding accordingly – to our detriment as law-abiding citizens.

There’s yet another case making headlines right now.  It demonstrates my point yet again.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

A Nebraska bar owner that killed a rioter has been charged with “terrorism” and “manslaughter” by a District Attorney who initially admitted it was blatant self defense.

The DA has also admitted that they were “pressured” by local activists and politicians to bring the charges.

There’s more at the link.

Herschel Smith offers this blunt, uncompromising warning.

War has been declared on you, your family, and your possessions.  You’ve seen enough instances like this to know how it’s going to go down.

You behave according to traditional Western and Biblical jurisprudence, and then the unthinkable happens.

You’ve been baited into a response.  Every action has been videoed.  A prosecutor charges you with some crime, or even decides not to.

The family of the one who has been shot gets on local television and cries and talks about what a “good boy” he was, and how he had such a bright future, complete with smiling pictures of the boy and local pastors talking about volunteer work he did.  It will all be covered by local talking heads in suits and pretty dresses, who look sad while listening, and show the utmost unction during the interviews.

Local politicians, who want to get reelected and need all the votes they can muster, pressure prosecutors.  The prosecutor changes his or her mind and convenes a “Grand Jury.”

. . .

You get convicted, or even if you don’t, you spend your life savings and go bankrupt defending yourself.

This all happens if you use traditional TTPs [Tactics, Techniques and Procedures] to defend yourself and your family, even attempting to warn rioters with warning shots because you don’t really want to harm anyone, under the assumption that America is still a civilized and just society, not at war with itself.

Again, more at the link.

Friends, I’m astonished to still read comments such as some of those made yesterdayWhere do I find words sufficiently convincing to show that what we’ve taken as a given for so long – our lawful, legitimate right to defend ourselves – is no longer something we can take for granted?  Some people just don’t seem to get it.  The forces of left-wing progressive politics have infiltrated our legal and prosecutorial system, and are seeking to weaponize it against us.  That’s the hard, raw, inescapable reality of our situation right now.

Go read what I said earlier about defending yourself against such a system.  If you live in a jurisdiction where the progressive left is in control, you’re in enemy territory.  You cannot take your basic rights for granted any longer.  Political correctness can and will be weaponized against you.  Therefore, if you need to defend yourself or your loved ones or your property, you have to take that reality into account, and plan and act accordingly.

Friends, that’s the current reality for many of us, depending on where we live.  Please, please, keep it in mind, and act accordingly.



  1. "A covert operation is an operation that is planned and executed in secrecy so that the identity of the agency or organization remains unknown. On the other hand, a clandestine operation is an operation that is carried out in such a manner that the operation remains in secrecy. As you can observe, the key difference between a covert operation and a clandestine operation is in the identity."

  2. I've been kicking this around in my head for a while, and thought I'd offer it here:

    First, a brief story. About 25 or so years ago I knew a man who had a girlfriend he loved very much. She was a jealous rhymes-with-witch though, she made him break off friendships with women he'd known for years before he met her, she accused him of cheating on her constantly, even accused him of cheating on her with his own sister-in-law (his MUCH older brother's wife, whose son, his nephew, was less than a a year younger than he was). Finally, he actually DID cheat on her, before ending the relationship.

    Because people can often become what they're accused of being, even if they're not that way to begin with.

    So now we have an environment where all whites are accused of racism even without evidence (in fact the lack of evidence is itself evidence of racism). In a manner which would make those involved in the Salem Witch Trials proud, you either loudly and publicly admit to being racist, or you're punished for being racist. Really, the 13% of the population who are black do NOT want even a fraction of the 80% who are white to become active racists. Even worse, you don't want those 80% to just decide to disengage.

    The left is looking for a revolution, and I suspect they're going to get it good and hard. When you punish fundamentally decent people for things they didn't do, when you stack the laws, rules and systems against them, when you give them no place to turn and nothing left to lose, you've created a very dangerous situation.

    The same people who BUILT this wonderful society can tear it down, and they don't even need to actively sabotage it, they merely need to stop maintaining it. Because we've functioned as part of society, we've accepted the Social Contract and agreed to do our part for the advantages of living in a society. When those advantages disappear, we've no reason to hold up our end of the contract either. So when the power lines come down during a storm, and the guys who know how to put them back up decide to call in sick, the Gender Studies majors won't do much good in the bucket truck.

    Mark D

  3. To your point of how the political system has been flipped, the MSM is not even allowed to talk about the person doing it. However, I've read that Soros identified the weakness in our political system (it expects DAs, Judges, and politicians to act impartially in accordance with the law), and has been putting progressives in place to pervert the law in the manner you have detailed. Along with him, The Young Turks (TYT) said that they were going to replace the "moderates" in the Democrat party with progressives, and AOC is the most visible example of that (they put up 20 candidates the first time, and 4 won). Thus we have political progressives that will use the law against you for anything you do, and will not prosecute those on the left for the criminal acts they do.

  4. Covert operations often run a clandestine operation that runs a False Flag operation and so on. All terms and yammer used to keep us twiddling our thumbs HOPING for someone else to save them.

    Newsflash NOBODY is coming to Save you. Peter is a voice of reason in an age of CHAOS from a Deep State Color Revolution so the disposable face people the Socialist-Democrats think they can grab the brass ring of total power.

    The Deep State cares nothing what "Face" is "In Charge" as long as THEY are the POWER Behind the Throne. The Disposable Face People are just snacks to CALM the ravening mobs as needed.

    Peters advice to check your insurance for riot coverage is sound.

    Hanging a Gadson Flag or such to become a FOCUS of a Mob PROTECTED by the Politicians to your door is beyond STUPID. WHO would find support or convert even one person's opinion with such a stupid example like that? WHY Would I even want you to COME to MY House given the idiot behavior that destroyed your house?

    Having a trusted friends place to retreat to if the Mob comes to your door is important if you have loved ones. Stuff can be replaced. My beloved wife not so much.

    Any defense tactics or such are something only discussed between the very few folks you can trust to not roll over when things get tough. NOT the Open Internet. Kyle of Kenosha is recent proof they WILL Search your internet musings to "Prove" whatever the Hate Crime Thought Police Kangaroo Courts need Proven.

    People are being focused on the left hand of the Deep State magician while the right hand does the damage. The street army is the sharp point of the Deep States Spear SUPPORTED by the Soros and Co paid for Politicians and DA's that have created this "Catch and Release" program for the street thugs while Publicly ARRESTING anybody who defends themselves AS SO to Demoralize others that *might* attempt self defense.

    The Color Revolution is just getting warmer and soon 50 States hot. The BIG DOGS in DC are the real battle, we are just the background noise of the Street Theater. You need a few trusted friends and the ability to stay grey to avoid the worst of what's coming.

    History proves time and time again that people that come to power with violence WILL Rule with violence

    behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.
    brutality · brute force · roughness · ferocity · fierceness · savagery · cruelty · sadism · barbarity · barbarousness · brutishness · murderousness · bloodthirstiness · [more].

    Sounds like Antifa-Burn Loot Murder and such to me?

    So prepare for years of troubles no matter who "Wins" the Presidential Race, the Senate Race AND the House of Representatives Races. The Socialist-Democrats are GOING HARD for ALL OF THEM.

    As Orville's 1984 said "History is rewritten so THE PARTY is Always RIGHT"

  5. "fire a warning shot"

    Rittenhouse did, and they tacked on a reckless endangerment charge because the bullet nearly hit someone else or might have hit someone else.

  6. So the obvious answer is that after the first one, all the rest are free. And that includes the police, the prosecutors, the judges, and the politicians.

    At that point, it is self defense to declare war on the entire rotten system.

  7. “America is at that awkward stage; it's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”
    ― Claire Wolfe

  8. I have been working in TKD since Zimmerman. I was not concerned about my physical skills but I was getting older. I am currently 2nd dan black belt in TKD and a blue belt in Krav Maga.

    I would not want to deal with a crowd and I don't think the cops around here are that bad. But it sounds like it is prosecution at the federal level and I have no confidence in any federal agency at this time.

    I try to follow the grey man principle.

    I do not see any way out of this. Only through.

  9. This has been going on since before George Zimmerman. Prosecutors being political instead of lawful – ie: doing things for political reasons rather than for the rule of law.

    It has only accelerated since Soros bought so many prosecutors.

    But the rot was there for a long time.

    Prosecutors more concerned over 'win' stats, where a plea to a far lesser crime means as much as a hard-fought win in a jury trial.

    Conservatives who self-defend have always been low-hanging fruit. Easy to prosecute, considered a win even if the prosecutor loses in court, as the case is played more for the public's opinion than actual lawful means.

    Yes, shoot if you must. But be aware that in this current climate, you are saving you and yours only to subject all to the death of a thousand cuts.

  10. So, since death squads are coming anyway, at what point do those with talents and resources spring up amongst the righteous and winnow the poisoned poppies like Soreass and Peflooosie and Ferkel pre-emptively? Water that tree with a little tainted blood before it gets flooded with much purer, less able fluid? It's not as though the targets are obscured, or inaccessible, or that the doers can't get away and live with it in peace inner and outer.

    At some point I'll have my last chance to punch some swine's ticket, and I'd rather the great heap of vanquished beneath my mangled remains were worthy of the effort, and a great loss to the enemies of Truth and Honour and Purity. Phinehas!

  11. Agent Provocateur much Stephen? Your first comment in this thread and this one makes me curious.

    I always see folks saying this and that but doing NOTHING, except unless their JOB is to get other fools to chime in for a easy promotion?

    Everything said on the internet is recorded for the NSA's supercomputer to parse out "interesting" tidbits for the Human Analysis.

    OPSEC folks, OPSEC as the need has been proven recently by the MEDIA reporting that Kyle of Kenosha social media comments are being "Investigated" for motives for his violence.

  12. If you are going to carry a gun, NEVER draw your weapon from the holster unless you immediately fire it at an attacker (human, animal, whatever …) or unload it completely. If you do not shoot to kill the threat vector, presumptively the level of threat proffered did not rise to that of "imminent loss of life to self or others", eliminating any claim on your part to justified homicide, before, during, or after-the-fact.

    We all have the right to defend our lives; we do not have any right to threaten anyone else, nor do we have any right to endanger others unintentionally by our deliberate actions. It is our responsibility to train ourselves to correctly identify the legal standard of "imminent threat to life of self or other(s)" so as to better identify threats properly (ie: legally).

    I'll say it again; if you draw your weapon in response to a proffered threat, kill the identified threat source immediately. You are almost certainly going to be arrested afterward (so train yourself how to legally do that too), but at least your lawyer will have the actual black-letter law to work with in your defense.

  13. Thank you Peter for your efforts to get the word out. I find your posts and comment threads quite helpful in gleaning tips and tactics. Many of them I already know from years of prepping.
    I've been having a serious internal debate over whether or not to fly my Trump 2020 flag. It's the one with the tag line "No More Bullsh*t". Although there are quite a few of them in my corner of flyover country, it would still violate my grey man OPSEC. I do fly an American flag from my front porch, and even installed a photocell light in order to properly fly it at night.
    Yesterday's comment thread had a few keyboard commandos who disagree with your sound and pragmatic advice. I'm always reminded of an old principle of militias: The guy advocating violence is likely a subversive plant, and should be viewed as such.

  14. There are three reasons working in conjunction:
    1) The right comes from God, and cannot be taken, only surrendered.
    2) Trust in society. The system has mechanisms to protect against corrupt and venial officials. Believing that corruption has become so endemic that checks, balances, and juries offer scant protection is hard for people to accept. After all, most people they know are still honest and upstanding citizens.
    3) In our stories, the good guy who is standing up for what is right, always wins. Worst case, he becomes a martyr who inspires others to the inevitable victory.

    I fear we're going to have to get a lot more cynical. And lose a rare and precious level of trust in the process.

  15. But you told me yesterday, and I quote:

    My question: "If the letter of the law matters little, then why bother with checking on the law before you unload on the trespassers?"
    Your answer: "So that you don't go to jail."

    But you just established – the law is being weaponized. So "not going to jail" is not an option – even if you abide by the absolute letter of the law, you will be thrown in the slammer. That's what it means when the letter of the law doesn't matter.

    So which is it? Is it being weaponized or can we stay out of jail? You're basically saying: "The game is totally rigged against you, but you should play to avoid losing."

    (the rest I'll respond to the other post)

  16. It's obvious to me that Soros and Bloomberg are getting their money's worth, with the Prog. DA's they've funded… you have to be IN lethal danger, or about to be overrun before deploying lethal force, and still be wrung out in court…as well as bankrupted, vilified and hounded, like Zimmerman is to this day. If violence is to be used, it must be done covertly, with a good knowledge of where the hog farms are…as Mr. Bowman said in 'UC', the first is expensive, all the rest are free….

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