Hypocrisy in Congress, both individual and collective


I find it hard to say this with a straight face, but it’s actually true.  For once – just for once! – I find myself agreeing with AOC about something.  She’s commenting on the spending bills passed by Congress yesterday.  Click each image to be taken to the original page on Twitter.

She is, of course, absolutely correct.  Every member of Congress and the Senate who voted for these two bills, without having had any chance to read them in detail and know what they were voting for, should be thrown out of office.  Primary them before the next election;  campaign against them for the feckless fools they are;  and do your best to disgrace them publicly.  They’re hypocrites who’ve abandoned the duty they were elected to perform.  They’re political rubber stamps.  They’re party hacks, not responsible leaders.

The irony, of course, is that AOC is among them, and just as bad as any of them.  After tweeting her objections above, what did she do?  She voted for the bills anyway.

Congratulations, AOC.  You’re nothing more than the individual pot calling the collective kettle black.  You have no moral or ethical leg to stand on in this matter.

Even without the hypocrisy, this is mind-bogglingly bad public policy.  As Divemedic commented:

Congress just authorized another $2.5 trillion in spending and COVID stimulus. That means we are guaranteed to have a national debt of $31 trillion by next Christmas. Our economy cannot support this level of spending.

True dat.  We’re all going to be paying the price for this profligacy (and all the wasteful, unjustifiable and unfunded expenditure that preceded it) for a long, long time to come.



  1. How do you prepare for the inevitable inflation that will make paying off our deficit happen? I think I have a ten trillion note from Zimbabwe somewhere.

    What prepper is prepared for the monetary crisis that must surely come? How would you even do so? Break out your gold coin stash to buy day to day essentials? I truly don't know what will happen when the government can't pay its bills.

    I guess AOC agrees with Nancy Pelosi that you have to pass the bill to see what is in it. There must be a list a mile long of carve outs for special interests in it.

    Has the entire world gone mad?

  2. Breaking: Sudan is getting more from the Covid-19 bill than anyone in the U.S. Seriously, Congress appropriated almost a billion dollars for Sudan. If you were wondering what message Congress was sending the American people let me translate: F U!


    I have to wonder what is so vitally important in Sudan that we have to send a Billion dollars to them. That also doesn't count the multi-hundred million dollar appropriations to other foreign countries. It makes me wonder how much less than a trillion this bill could be, if we weren't giving the money away to the world.

  3. AOC was also first in line for the vaccines the peasants can't get, even though they were supposed to go to most at risk groups.

  4. RE: ungodly amounts of U.S. taxpayer monies to Sudan.

    I'd say someone is wanting to set up their personal fiefdom in that country. A fairly rich in resources country beset by continuous tribal wars, with a headless, ineffectual government. Sex trafficking and weak laws are a bonus (if you're evil-minded).


    Of course, all that could be idle speculation in consideration that recently 1) the U.S. removed Sudan from the list of terrorist countries; 2) the Trump administration brokered a peace treaty between Sudan and Israel.

    To tell which is true, perhaps finding out just who was it that put that Sudan pork into the 'stimulus' would reveal the answer.

  5. Occasional Cortex had a moment of clarity.

    This crap is EXACTLY why Donald Trump was elected 4 years ago. An elite few members of congress run the entire show, and expect their minions to just follow along (and the minions do just that). Remember "We have to pass this bill to find out what's in it" ?

    The USA, as we knew and loved it, is toast.

  6. "We're all going to be paying the price for this profligacy (and all the wasteful, unjustifiable and unfunded expenditure that preceded it) for a long, long time to come."

    What do you mean "we," peasant? YOU will certainly be paying for it, but that's what you filthy insects are for.
    – Your Friendly Government and MultiNat betters

  7. Is there hope for Sandy? Could she grow up to realize that Communism is evil, and liberty is the essential factor in creating a humane society? Several solid conservative writers grew up as red-diaper babies; perhaps she will follow them.

    Think seriously about getting red-pilled, Sandy. It would be a better career move than continuing to be a back-bencher with no access to the power structure of the Democrat crime organization.

  8. Fighting wars is expensive. China attacked the world with a biological weapon, and it's costing the world a fortune to fight back.

    Of course anything a government does will be inefficient and vastly expensive, but who else is there? Private industry? Only a real capitalist country could do that and there aren't any.

  9. I hate the Chicoms as much as anyone. But even assuming they unleashed the virus on purpose as an act of war, all government over-reaction following the initial phase of confusion is on us … not them.

    Next year, Davos won't be in Davos … it will be in Luzerne (also Switzerland). Would be great if Apophis could be induced to change course and impact there when all the bigs are assembled in the same place.

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