Hypocrisy, much?

Remember all those Democratic Senators who were calling so loudly for an FBI investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh over the past couple of weeks?

Note – a law enforcement investigation into alleged criminal acts?  In so many words, a criminal background check?

Well, guess what?

A letter was drafted by Senator Brian Schatz and signed by 17 other Senators, on February 22, 2018, and sent to the president of The Common Application requesting that the Common App remove the criminal background check from the college application process.

This is part of the larger Ban the Box campaign, to remove conviction history from job and school applications and to end the delay in employment and student background checks.

The list of Senators who signed this letter are:

  • Brian Schatz
  • Dick Durbin
  • Patty Murray
  • Patrick Leahy
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Chris Coons
  • Cory Booker
  • Tammy Baldwin
  • Kamala Harris
  • Ben Cardin
  • Ed Markey
  • Chris Van Hollen
  • Catherine Masto
  • Tammy Duckworth
  • Christopher Murphy
  • Sherrod Brown
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Mazie Hirono

The very same Senators who, for the last two weeks, have been saying that Judge Kavanaugh should be demanding an FBI background check, that the Senate must delay their confirmation vote until every detail is fully vetted by the FBI, that women must be believed without question, and that a man accused of sexual impropriety has no presumption of innocence all have pushed colleges, business, and government to drop criminal background checks from their application process.

There’s more at the link, including an excerpt from their letter.  It’s worth reading as a blatant display of utter political hypocrisy.

I’m not God (fortunately – I’d make a horrible one).  Nevertheless, if I had control of the heavenly thunderbolts for a few moments, guess which targets I might find well-nigh irresistible?



  1. This entire dog and pony show was a blatant attempt to delay seating Kavanaugh until after the midterms when the Democrats hope and pray that they will retake congress and with that leverage reject not only Kavanaugh, but any other Trump appointee.
    Case in point, Ms. Ford's testimony was delayed from Monday until Thursday due to her supposed inability to tolerate flying. A bit of investigation discovered, too late to make a difference of course, that she has flown numerous times in the recent past for family visits and vacations. Obviously either she or someone on her team baldly lied to the Senate subcommittee, not that anything will ever come of that.

  2. And now the dems want another delay so the FBI can do an investigation. And TRUMP is agreeable? No. We need the vote before the midterms so we know who to vote OUT.
    The problem is, the RINOs will vote with the dems.
    Prayer warriors just need to keep praying that God's armor is strong for Mr. Kavanaugh and that he is approved.

  3. That there is an 18-pack of half watt bulbs that deserve to be returned to the store for being under-spec.

    And one of them is the Senator from my state with a justly earned reputation as being the dimmest bulb in Congress.

  4. The fun part was California when I lived there mandating that no employer could ask if the jailbirds had a history of jail because that is bad and at the same time bursting with enthusiasm to make sure nobody with a police record was ever allowed to teach school. Obe was left to wonder how they were going to find that out since it was against hte law to ask.

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