Hypocrisy, thy name is politician

The latest political hypocrite (but by no means the only one):

It’s becoming something of a miracle to find any politician, from either side of the aisle, who isn’t a hypocrite.  I’d love to see a law that says any politician caught in such duplicity would not be permitted to run for re-election during the next term of office.  It’s a pipe-dream, I know, but it’s a pleasant one . . .



  1. Two come to mind, but they've been dead for over a hundred years, so the odds of them being elected, even as Democrats, is rather small. (John C. Calhoun and Henry Clay).


  2. Most politicians are lawyers, and to a lawyer words are tools to manipulate the opinions of your audience.
    So to them making two entirely contradictory statements a bit apart from each other is perfectly natural as both statements were merely a means to an end.

  3. Soldiers sacrifice men and grieve. Politicians sacrifice morals and nothing is said.
    One gets a medal and the other gets power and influence.
    You want to know what politicians are crooked? See what committees they are on. For a politician to get on a committee they PAY money. It's not an elective position but a pay to play position.
    So, if you think a politician is clean and you got to the committees and see them on it….then you know they are just good liars.

  4. Hi Peter, don't know if you have seen this yet.
    Here is a link to the first two in a series of ten of the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago.
    The link takes you to Second city cop which links to the videos.
    There appears to be many similar videos on Youtube.
    I used to live in the Chatham neighborhood. It is referenced in the second video, which , I guess, means that it must be one of the better violent neighborhoods.

  5. Hi Peter Anon again.
    Forgot to include the link to the Chicago violent neighborhood videos.
    "Interesting Video Series"
    PS: Enjoyed yesterday's Sunday morning music.

  6. Another argument for repeal of the 17th Amendment.

    Not that I would expect the thoroughly corrupt legislators of New York to make any better choices than the voters – there's too much money available for purchasing a Senate seat in either case – but some degree of accountability to the interests of New York state instead of the personal aggrandizement of worthless scum might occur.

    New York is a state, like California, that needs to be broken up into smaller pieces; coastal Cali, like FNYC, is the stubby tail that wags the entire dog, which then craps and pees all over everyone else's carpet.

  7. When I was a youngster my Dad would say… "Politicians are pond scum, some float on top, others sink to the bottom… they all remain pond scum."
    Today I understand…

  8. @Old NFO: They're breathing, therefore they're lying.

    The difference between Schumer, Obama, Clinton, Clinton, et al vs. Trump is that the former are lying through their teeth while Trump actually means it.

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