“I hope everyone in the White House is wearing body armor by now”

That’s according to one observer, who has this to say about the current state of play in US politics.

What explains the unusual vitriol?

I believe it stems from the inability of many Democrats to accept their defeat in November, or to understand that the people of mainland America โ€” that heartland between California and New York โ€” overwhelmingly rejected their elitist vision and collectivist values.

During the campaign, Donald Trump made a number of specific promises to the American people. Over the past 10 days, he has been fulfilling them one by one and the Democrats are tearing out their hair, because they know what this means for 2018.

Democrats are terrified that Trump will succeed. They are terrified that his border wall will stem the tide of illegal immigration and dramatically reduce the flow of illegal drugs into this country.

They are terrified that his temporary ban on refugee resettlement that empowers Customs and Border Patrol agents to devise a more rigorous vetting process will keep America safe.

They are terrified that he will defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and forge stronger ties with Arab nations such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia who are on the front lines of that fight.

They are terrified that key European countries will turn to the right in this yearโ€™s elections, rejecting the new world order ruled by an unelected globalist elite.

They know that if Trump succeeds, as they fear, he will sweep the U.S. Senate and they will become a dwindling minority party representing the globalist, high-tech elite and an army of pajama boys based on the two coasts.

Democrats are going to war because their schemes have been exposed and they fear they are about to lose their jobs.

I hope everyone in the White House is wearing body armor by now, because this is going to get much worse.

There’s more at the link.  Highly recommended reading.

The truly worrying thing is that all the anti-Trump vitriol and diatribes are producing the inevitable response from less balanced individuals.  Consider this recent headline:  “Over 12,000 tweets are calling for Trump’s assassination“.  Where do you think those making such tweets, or approving of them, or reposting them, got their ideas?  Who’s fueling their paranoia?  I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

I don’t think the Democratic Party has thought this through.  If they agitate so much that someone takes a shot at President Trump, they’re absolutely certain to be blamed for it – at least in part – by those who voted for Mr. Trump.  There will be a reckoning for that.  It’s inevitable.  It’s human nature.  What’s more, we – America as a whole – will be very fortunate if that reckoning is only at the ballot box.



  1. I have been watching the increased hate filled speech spewing forth from the left. Seems to me it has gone from crybaby whining that was laughable and mildly annoying, to being downright dangerous. This will not end well.

  2. I think Trump is well aware of those that present a problem, and they'll be booted as found. Until then, the unhinged government people with a liberal agenda are definitely a threat to the safety of those that don't agree with their agenda.

  3. Hey Peter;

    I am seeing the continuing temper tantrums of the unhinged left, for 8 years they have been told that they are "special" and that all is about "Fairness", now they are seeing the reality of the world and they don't have the coping mechanisms in place that they should have learned as kids. Part of me is enjoying the continual demonstrations because they are eating their own and burning their money and at the same time they are pushing away "the moderates" that are don't care for Trump but are appalled at the behavior by their friends on "the Left". On the other hand, such demonstrations have a habit of spiraling out of control in a hurry and taking them and us into uncharted territories.

  4. I worry less about residents and staff at the White House than I do the rest of us; to do something against them will require some sort of easily detectable organized effort, but we're the ones standing in line at the grocery store with the crazed lefties.

    "This will not end well" could easily prove to be gross understatement.

  5. I think that there may be some connection to the Left's long crush on assorted Communist monsters. They are seeing their current narratives challenged, and are (perhaps subconsciously) aware that this could lead to some of their OLD narratives being examined.

    A lot of the aging Left ran interference for the likes of Mao and Pol Pot. Maybe not so many living supported Stalin, but they still defend Alger Hiss, who was a guilty as a cat in a goldfish bowl. If they are forced to confront their culpability in the hundred million or so murders done by Communist regimes in the 20th Century (see; THE BLACK BOOK OF COMMUNISM, Harvard Press), their minds will all to likely break. They are, let's face it, intellectual lightweights. The actual thinkers among their number recanted long ago.

    I think that on some level the older Lefties are fighting, not for their jobs, but for their minds.

  6. Hey Mr. Grant, I couldn't decide which recent post to post this on, so I settled on the most recent one for which it seemed on-topic. It's a pretty stark analysis, but I thought you'd find it interesting. There's a series of "storified" tweets that this article is distilled from (the author of the tweets was invited to write a guest post summarizing the tweets) and once I find my bookmarks to those I'll post them as well, if that's okay. Here: https://status451.com/2017/01/20/days-of-rage/

  7. Also need to purge the SS (ha — Secret Service) to remove agents who would do their duty for Obama or Clinton but not Trump. Once the service is distilled to the core that is loyal to their oaths, we'll have grimly determined agents who keep repeating "not on my watch."

  8. We don't really need all that many helicopters, A Texan. Just a few reliable ones. And one Pinochet will be sufficient.

    But if nobody steps up to do that, and if "Law Enforcement" continue to follow the orders of their hive Masters and look the other way as the Communist terrorists assault and burn and smash, then maybe we could do with some "One Shot Paddys". Doesn't matter who gets hit in the terrorist mob. Any one of them is as good as the next. But don't use semi-auto like Paddy did. Your fingerprints will probably be on the ejected casing, and the Only Ones will make sure to track you from that. Instead, bolt action, and don't eject. One shot and disappear. You don't need to see the results. Do make sure you know where the security cameras are, so that you aren't auditioning for America's Funniest Home Videos. And disappear quietly into the night. THAT will change the dynamics of the current situation. The hive Masters will insist that their Only Ones go on point to protect the terrorists. And when those terrorists attack the Blue Wall sufficiently, then all bets are off.

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