1. In Chicagoland news yesterday. A 8 year old girl went into the a restroom in a mall while her Mom waited outside. When she heard a suspicious noise – she went in, to find the man who had entered the bathroom in wait, and had chocked her child until she was unconscious, and was dragging her body into a stall, with the intent to rape and/or kill. But no one questioned him going into the ladies room because it's politically incorrect now.

  2. If only. Sadly I suspect the real stories to come of this madness are going to have less satisfying "good trumps evil" endings and more tragedy…at least at first. I wonder if the insane leftist "Ministry of Truth"-types will reconsider their positions when members of their sick "tribe" begin to suffer the inevitable consequences of society getting fed up with their insanity. I doubt it. Consequences are for "less equal" animals, after all, not the enlightened pigs! And they'll keep believing that, until none of them is left. God help us…

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