Is this an economic tipping point?

I’m looking at economic events over the past week, and seeing all sorts of red lights flashing.  Consider these headlines – just a few of many I could have selected:

Those headlines mostly refer to foreign economies, but if they go down, they’ll take ours with them.  There’s no way to avoid that in today’s interconnected, networked world.  See in particular the third and sixth articles linked above for a very informative perspective on that reality.

Keep your eye on international economic developments.  I think we might be in for a very ‘interesting‘ New Year . . .



  1. Golly Gee, Gosharama, Shucks, etc.

    Peter, how could you doubt Our Leaders when they say that "all is well." All must be well, because my EBT card still works, and the guys from the bank aren't out front banging on the door, and American Idol is still on the TV.

    You must be a racist Tea Partier, or Hater, or somthin'. Probly voted for George Bush, you did. Twice, even.

  2. @Bob: Can't afford gold or silver – but I've got a fair amount put away in brass and lead . . . and it's increased significantly in value since I bought most of it.

  3. Really can feel collapse coming. We are studying collapse of Argentina as we prep and ways they survived. Planning a country store with few select customers pre-trained to rely on us (and consequently, protect us) as source for goods and services others will be unable to provide. We do our skill building and shopping based on this premise.

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