Is Twitter out to deceive us – again?

It seems that Twitter, not content with silencing voices with which it disagrees, is now actively trying to deceive the centrist and right wing of US politics among its subscribers.  The Ralph Retort reveals:

Over the last couple weeks I’ve noticed something a little fishy every time I browse the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Every time I looked, the hashtag would be absolutely overrun with tweets critical of BLM — tweets that could generally be described as ‘alt-rightish’ in nature.

What’s weird about the BLM hashtag completely overrun by alt-right tweets, you might be wondering? First off, although we may be legion, we aren’t that legion. Furthermore, I’ve witnessed Twitter censoring the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag manually, by hand, for months. In the past, Twitter worked furiously to delete any tweets that were negative of BLM from reaching public visibility. Now, anti-BLM tweets are all that I’m seeing. So what gives?

Opening the hashtag in a private browser session — which disables all previous cookies and doesn’t log one in to any of their accounts — confirmed my suspicions: Twitter is attempting to isolate the alt-right by quarantining us into containment zones, using an advanced form of selective shadow-banning and selective promotion. Let me explain.

When browsing the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag in a private session and without being logged in, all of a sudden the fountain of alt-right tweets had mysteriously dried up. In their place, were tweets that were almost 100% in support of BLM. And more curiously, the alt-right tweets that were showing when I was logged in were not from users which I was even following. I mean, Twitter has always used their algorithm to place relevant tweets from people that you follow higher up in the hashtag results, but this was something different all together. And it wasn’t a side effect from the “quality filter” either, as I had it turned off. But even with it turned on, the alt-right tweets reign supreme when viewing the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that Twitter is using internal data to — most likely through automated means — place users into ideological camps. And then once users are sorted, the true digital segregation begins.

. . .

… this sort of ideological shadowban is even more dangerous than the normal sort, because a user can’t tell from his impressions and interactions that anything is abnormal. Even worse, it actually makes the platform even more appealing to alt-right users, because it provides us a nice spoon fed hug box of exactly what type of content we want to be reading, anyway. The only problem is that in providing us a tempting circle-jerk, they’ve largely taken away our ability to get the message out to normies and lefties.

None of this is even remotely surprising, as the true intentions of Twitter’s path to censorship was laid bare in the report I had published by Capital Research Center. As their previous methods fail, expect them to roll out more and more ways to f*** with us.

There’s more at the link.  You should also read the linked report about how censorship of social media is a direct, immediate and very urgent objective of the progressive left.

I no longer trust any news feed from Facebook, Twitter or any other left-leaning social media outlet.  They’re all doing the same thing – trying to brainwash the electorate, either directly by feeding them propaganda, or indirectly by making them think their perspective is dominant (when in fact it’s not), so that they won’t ‘waste their time’ trying to propagate their views to others.

Sneaky, aren’t they?  (Not to mention dishonest – but that goes without saying . . . )



  1. I look back at what has suddenly become more than 13 years of being on-line. (I was late to the party) Nonetheless, I am suddenly nostalgic for the wild west of the internet. What used to be a rowdy, freewheeling block party of freedom of speech has quietly morphed into a spy organ that would make Big Brother drool on his shoes. I recall a site, commonly abbreviated as LGF, where, for a while, you could post unmoderated, anonymous comments, say whatever you damn well pleased, argue and flame to your heart's content. No more. How many of us self censor our comments on facebarf, and twatter for fear of virtual lynch mobs. One instance of badthink on line can cost you your job. My small town has, in just the last few years, sprouted a large number of blacks. I've been here over 50 years, and this is just beginning. Just yesterday a friend recommended that I sign up for a site called "Next Door" so I could keep track of the results of our new found diversity. So I checked it out. The first thing I saw was a notice that this site would be aggressively policing comments for signs of racial profiling. No thanks.


  2. This isn't going to help their stock, which is down 50% Y/Y ($18 vs $35). Trading at 25% of its all time high ($72).

    Making the service even less trustworthy is a great way to address this problem.

  3. I tell people to get off facebook. You're simply setting yourself up to be sold to the highest bidder. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and if it's free, you're the product.

  4. I think it is fair to say that if nothing else comes out of this election cycle it will still remain proof positive that the majority of our main stream media have gone hard left. Or more precisely have always been so and are no longer able to hide the fact.
    And left wing liberals simply cannot tolerate having their narrative challenged by facts.
    Whether it be Global Climate Change, Gun Control, Peaceful Islam, or economic recovery, their side only wins when they can overwhelm the opposition with their lies. The truth destroys them, so it must be suppressed.

  5. I don't trust any of the media. I listened to NPR tell me how the Republican Congress was holding up zika funding. The report never mentioned that the democrats were fillibutering the appropriation.

    Sadly, the newshawks and newshens we relied upon to actually verify and run down stories and get the facts have all died. What we have now are the ones that live in Pauline Kaels little insular world and they're the ones that tell us everyday that we're insular.

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