It looks like Second City Cop has a new home


In January the well-known Second City Cop blog, authored by an anonymous policeman (-men?) in Chicago, went dark, thanks to the threatened public identification of its author(s) (which would have exposed him/them to retaliation).  I wrote about it at the time.  In April, he/they published an update on his/their situation, and on law and order in Chicago, at the Chicago Contrarian blog.  Again, I covered their report.

It now looks as if he’s/they’ve taken up longer-term residence as guest authors at Chicago Contrarian.  So far he/they have published four articles there, including one this week, and I hope to see many more.  His/their acerbic, politically incorrect commentary provided essential insight into the trials and tribulations of living in the Windy City, and I’m very glad to see it’ll still be available.

If you formerly followed that blog, you might want to bookmark its current location.  I’m happy to know the author(s) will continue to keep us informed.



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